HinderRUST – Long Lasting Rust Prevention
with Just One Application!

If you’re in the marine industry, you’re always fighting rust and corrosion – in the shipyard and onboard workboats. You try to rein it in with regular maintenance, but fighting rust has always been expensive and time consuming. Until now.

Solvent-free HinderRUST® stops rust even in the harshest conditions.

Specifically designed to withstand conditions on or near salt water, HinderRUST will protect anything that’s prone to corrosion for 12 months:

  • Wire rope and cable
  • Deck hoists
  • Barge vent stacks
  • Voids within the hull
  • Tools

HinderRUST contains lubricating Tufoil® Technology that displaces water and allows its rust-inhibiting agents to bond to the treated surface. And because HinderRUST is solvent-free, it won’t evaporate and leave the surface vulnerable to corrosion.

Stop losing time and money to rust. Put your trust in HinderRUST.

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