Why Fluoramics?

Fluoramics. Our Credentials Speak for Themselves.

Fluoramics has been engineering high-quality lubricants, greases, rust stoppers and oxygen/chlorine-compatible thread sealants since 1967. Our products range in scope from general to specific purpose lubricants and rust stoppers, to thread sealants, greases and full density PTFE tapes designed to stop leaks in plumbing and water treatment. All of our products are highly engineered and are designed to solve problems businesses and consumers face every day.

We truly believe our credentials speak for themselves. Our oxygen-safe thread sealants are certified for use with both liquid and gaseous oxygen by NASA and BAM in Germany. Today LOX-8 and Formula-8 are used with confidence by major gas manufacturers all over the world. In addition, LOX-8 is recommended for use by members of the Chlorine Institute.

HinderRUST® is a solvent-free and lubricating rust stopper. That means HinderRUST offers more longevity than most rust stoppers which quickly evaporate away. Because it offers both lubrication and rust stopping properties, HinderRUST is perfect for many industries including gun care, marine, recreational, industrial and transportation.

Tufoil®, our patented line of engine treatments and lubricants was chosen by the Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s Most Efficient Lubricant” in 1996. The record still stands today. The science behind Tufoil Technology is the foundation of all our lubricants and rust stoppers. That means extreme lubricity is backed by years of engineering in order to create the best products on the market.

Fluoramics was the brainchild of Franklin Reick, an intrepid inventor in New Jersey. Franklin invented dozens of products and held patents in many areas including lubricity, medical products, children’s toys, and superconductors. He was recognized by both the Entrepreneur of the Year and the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame programs.

Franklin turned the business reins over to his son, Gregg, in 2015 which allowed Franklin to continue to do what he loved best – inventing. Fluoramics moved to more centrally-located Minnesota in 2016 and continues to engineer and manufacture the top-quality products for which they are known, plus create new products designed to solve problems in an ever-changing world.

Gregg Reick and Frank Reick

Gregg Reick and Frank Reick

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Our Product Lines

Our high-temperature and high-pressure industrial sealants and greases are oxygen-safe, waterproof, and non-toxic. These revolutionary lubricants are used as thread sealants, lubricant pastes, and industrial greases to seal and lubricate in many applications, including gas pipe threads, vacuum systems, and medical equipment.

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Both a lubricant and a rust inhibitor, HinderRUST is used in countless applications, including automotive, sporting goods, maritime, firearms, home and garden, and public transit to prevent rust and provide optimal lubrication and operation. HinderRUST is available in several formulations to best suit your needs.

Tufoil Technology lubricant products provide versatile lubricants commonly used for automotive engine treatments, gun rust protection, air tool protection, and industrial equipment engine treatment. The Tufoil line of products offer low-temperature lubricant and cleaning agent properties. Our Tufoil Technology lubricants are also used in engine oil treatment and heavier grease applications.

Why Fluoramics?

Because we’ve been engineering high-quality lubricants, greases and oxygen-compatible thread sealants since 1967.