Recreational Rust Inhibitor

Camping equipment, bikes and sporting goods are all great hobbies enjoyed by many people. The equipment, however, is expensive to replace it rusts out. HinderRUST rejuvenates bike chains, revitalizes sporting goods and refurbishes camping equipment, transforming your old gear into almost-new condition. With the use of HinderRUST you’re able to get right back into action, saving you time and money.

Safe for most paints and plastics, HinderRUST offers ease of application and a cost-effective solution to rust and corrosion prevention on a host of sporting, recreation and leisure items.

Recommended Uses in Sports, Recreations & Leisure:

  • Bike chains and gear shifters
  • Camping gear
  • Boat trailers and wiring
  • RV trailers and wiring
  • Basketball hoops
  • Snowmobile trailers
  • Spray on beach chair hinges to prevent sticking and corrosion
  • Prevent tent and canopy stakes from rust
  • Keep fishing reels and lures rust-free
  • Lubricate and protect boat lift and boat winches
  • Protect metal baseball bats from rust
  • Keep model trains rust-free
  • Protect badminton and volleyball net poles
  • Protect bike frames from corrosion
  • Protect golf clubs from corrosion
  • Keep golf cleats from rusting
  • Protect ice fishing augers
  • Keep boat shifter cables lubricated and rust-free
  • Protect swing sets
  • Keep horseshoes from rusting
  • Trailer hitches and wiring
  • Protect outdoor screen room frames
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