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Gun Cleaning, Lubrication, and Rust Prevention

There are just too many products out there claiming to be “the one” when it comes to gun cleaners, gun lubricators, gun rust preventers, or all of the above. We feel for you as you try to sort this all out.

And sadly, because HinderRUST embodies a new type of surface-active chemistry, very few sites other than our own have done comparison testing using our product. But, you can see the results of that testing in our video HERE!

As you can see, we have compared our product to all of these same gun cleaning and lubrication products used by thousands of gun owners. And as the testing shows, we have a claim to make about being perhaps the best lubricating rust preventer in the world.

How to Clean Your Gun, 101

For a long, long time, there has been a basic three-step process for cleaning your gun.

  1. Clean with a solvent. Perhaps one of the oldest methods of cleaning a gun is to use a hydrocarbon solvent to remove dirt and grime.
  2. Lubricate with a petroleum distillate. Care must be taken that this is non-reactive and that the area is completely covered as petroleum distillates have no surface-active qualities. Using this care method, you will need to wipe the gun completely dry before shooting.
  3. Anti-rust with more petroleum distillate. If you want to store it for an extended period, or on a boat or other wet environment, you will have to apply an even heavier coating of highly flammable petroleum lube distillate.

Many Solutions to Gun Cleaning, Few That Work

Here are some examples of gun cleaning technologies most firearm owners will be familiar with and why they have challenges.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) — This technology is like hanging an air freshener in your gun cabinet. A VCI allegedly releases an airborne compound which settles on your gun and protects it from rust… for a while. But, if the gun cabinet is not airtight, the protection becomes ineffective. VCIs need to be periodically replaced so you will have to be diligent about it or rust will form.

All-in-One Solvents — These products claim to allow you do steps one-two-and three all with one product. They contain flammable, toxic solvents as a significant percentage of their chemistry. While solvents are effective at removing gun crud, they also tend to remove the oil and rust protectant they are mixed with. Perhaps the best way to describe these products might be “jack of all trades, master of none”?

General Purpose Rust-Inhibiting Lubricants — Many of these products are used faithfully by gun owners and each has some effectiveness in preventing rust, lubricating, and/or cleaning your gun. But if you’re looking at these products, then you are really looking at a product like HinderRUST that is the best of the best at both rust prevention and lubrication.

Why HinderRUST for Firearm Cleaning & Rust Protection?

If you have a moment, take at look at the Guinness Book of World records. In the category for “World’s Most Efficient Lubricant” is Tufoil, a product invented by Franklin G. Reick over 20 years ago and used around the world in hundreds of industries. With a coefficient friction of 0.029, HinderRUST is the ultimate oil additive, decreasing engine wear, engine noise, and extending engine life to an unprecedented degree.

Well, it turns out that HinderRUST was invented by Franklin G. Reick, too, and is based in part on this award-winning technology. Franklin developed HinderRUST as an adsorbing, corrosion-inhibiting lubricant to address the many shortcomings of existing products on the market.

There are many reasons you should consider HinderRUST as the premier firearm lubricant and rust preventer in the world.


HinderRUST will protect your weapons in the worst environments. That includes high humidity and salty air over a long period in storage without reapplication. That’s because it electro-chemically bonds to the surface of metal and it doesn’t evaporate!


HinderRUST may be safely used to clean your weapons. It is solvent-free and will not harm your wood gunstock or plastics, and is safe on all firing mechanisms.


Coat your weapons top to bottom and you can put them away in storage with confidence. HinderRUST will protect your weapon for years.


No need to remove or wipe down your piece before you go out and shoot. HinderRUST will not interfere with your weapon’s performance.

Try HinderRUST Gun Lubricant and Anti-Rust Spray Today.

The HinderRUST 4 oz. can is the perfect size for gun owners as only a little goes a very long way.

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