Household & Garden Rust Inhibitor


One of the biggest problems or concerns with household products is the exposure to harsh, dangerous and stinky chemicals. HinderRUST is solvent free and has virtually no organic compounds. We are one of the safest rust prevention compounds and lubricant on the market approved for indoor and outdoor use.

Recommended Household Uses:

  • Clean and protect outdoor metal yard art
  • Keep metal wind chimes rust free
  • Protect outside of oil tank against rust
  • Protect wheelbarrow beds
  • Lubricate gate locks and hinges
  • Loosen rusty parts on lawnmowers
  • Keep snow from sticking to shovel
  • Protect hose ends from rust
  • Protect playground equipment
  • Clean lawnmower blades
  • Help prevent rust on hide-a-key containers
  • Protect wrought iron railings, chairs and tables from rust
  • Protect electric pump on furnace
  • Remove rust from chair feet
  • Protect shower heads from rust
  • Clean and protect metal figurines
  • Helps clean rust from metal shelves
  • Prevent rust on outdoor metal chairs
  • Spray on unused silver/silverware to help prevent tarnishing
  • Clean chair wheels
  • Prevent corrosion on outdoor light fixtures
  • Protect exposed metal areas on snow blowers
  • Clean and protect metal mailboxes
  • Protect outdoor grill parts
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From construction and carpentry to at home DIY projects and everything in between, tools and equipment are expensive and much less useful when rusted, stuck, or simply not operating at peak performance. Using HinderRUST to properly maintain rust-free equipment that operates efficiently also means being able to quickly free up stuck parts and make repairs.

Recommended Uses for Tool Maintenance:

  • Short-term and long-term tool storage
  • Protect tool boxes
  • Clean, lubricate hinges on pruning shears
  • Clean garden tools
  • Loosen rusty nuts and screws
  • Keep blades from rusting on rototiller
  • Protect hand trowels from corrosion
  • Clean and protect pitchforks
  • Lube & protect zippers on mower catcher bags
  • Clean and protect chain saws
  • Clean and lubricate hedge trimmers
  • Keep ax blades from rusting
  • Clean rust off sprockets
  • Coat drill press spindles for protection
  • Clean rusty tree saws
  • Prevent rust on clamps
  • Prevent and stop rust on files