Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Rust is the nemesis of metal storage and fabricating. Metal fabricators carry a huge investment in metals — both raw metals and formed parts after fabricating.

HinderRUST helps protect that investment by forming a protective barrier against the two elements required for rust: oxygen and moisture. It also provides longer-lasting protection than other rust stoppers. Using HinderRUST  means you spend your time doing what you should be doing and not worrying about scrapping parts due to rust.

In the spring of 2018, HinderRUST S4.0 and HV100 passed all weld through tests at the Welder Training

and Testing Institute (WTTI) in Allentown, PA. To see the entire report on S4.0, click here.

WTTI conducted the following tests to determine the integrity and strength of welds made over HinderRUST S4.0 treated steel plates:
  • Guided Bend Test (IAW-BT1) conducted on four specimens
  • Tensile Strength Test (IAW TT-1) conducted on two specimens
  • Visual and Radiographic Inspection

Here are just a few ways HinderRUST is being used in the metal fabrication industry. . .

  • Long-term storage
  • Protection from flash rust
  • Short-term protection during transit
  • Short-term protection before painting
  • Protecting parts until assembly
  • Coating tools to prevent corrosion
  • Lubricating and protecting fabrication equipment between useages

HinderRUST Applications

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