Want to work for a top notch company?

Fluoramics. Our Credentials Speak for Themselves.

Fluoramics has been engineering high-quality lubricants, greases, oxygen-compatible thread sealants and rust stoppers since 1967. Our products range in scope from applications for automotive and industrial equipment, to lubricants for weaponry and high-speed mechanisms, plus general purpose lubricants.

Here are a few reasons why we think we are a top-notch company for which to work.

  • Quality: We manufacture all of our products ourselves and stand behind the quality of our work
  • Longevity: Fluoramics was established over 50 years ago
  • Engineering Creativity: We are always working on new innovative products
  • Flexibility
  • Great Staff
  • Professional Work Environment
  • Benefits include:
    • Medical Insurance
    • Paid Time Off
    • Dental Insurance is available
    • Life/AD & D Insurance
    • Matching 401K
    • 125 Plan

Current Openings

Product / Sales Manager, Lubricants Division

Our innovative and growing chemical solutions company is looking to fill the role of Product / Sales Manager for our Lubricants division.

If you are technically minded and enjoy helping people find solutions, we’d like to talk with you.

Fluoramics is a small company with a large footprint. Although we are a world leader in industrial chemical solutions, you generally won’t find our products in stores. We manufacture and sell our products to national and international industrial / commercial customers primarily through distributors, and to consumers directly. Our products include thread sealants, lubricants, greases, and rust stoppers.

Responsibilities for Product / Sales Manager

  • Grow industrial sales within lubricant and rust stopper product lines
  • Manage accounts. Generate / qualify sales leads and provide solutions to our customers
  • Own strategic sales planning in commercial / industrial sales within designated product lines
  • Drive work streams associated with selling products — promotion, forecasting, customer care, customer database, etc.
  • Attend trade shows and visit customers to identify sales opportunities, improve customer service, develop incremental product line modifications, and discuss technical issues
  • Work with marketing team on ideation and production of successful marketing programs.

Qualifications for Product / Sales Manager

  • Experienced in product management and sales
  • Technical and engineering experience with industrial products and applications
  • Passionate about customer success
  • Equally comfortable with seeing the “big picture” and meticulously thinking through details
  • Skilled at prioritizing among competing opportunities
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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Our Product Lines


Our high-temperature and high-pressure industrial sealants and greases are oxygen-safe, waterproof, and non-toxic. These revolutionary lubricants are used as thread sealants, lubricant pastes, and industrial greases to seal and lubricate in many applications, including gas pipe threads, vacuum systems, water treatment, and medical equipment.

HinderRUST Keeps the World Moving

Both a lubricant and a rust inhibitor, HinderRUST is used in countless applications including automotive, sporting goods, maritime, firearms, home and garden, and public transit to prevent rust and provide optimal lubrication and operation. HinderRUST is available in six formulations to best suit your needs. HinderRUST is solvent free and safe to use everywhere!

Tufoil Technology Lubricants

Tufoil Technology products provide versatile lubricants commonly used for automotive engine treatments, gun corrosion protection and lubrication, air tool protection, and industrial equipment engine treatment. The Tufoil line of products offer low-temperature lubricant and cleaning agent properties. Our Tufoil Technology lubricants are used in engine oil treatment and heavier grease applications in industries worldwide.

Why Fluoramics?

Because we’ve been engineering high-quality lubricants, greases and oxygen-compatible thread sealants since 1967.

Our Credentials Speak for Themselves

The brain-child behind all of the Fluoramics products, Franklin G. Reick, is in the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame and has dozens of U.S. and international patents to his name.