Safe Industrial Sealants

Fluoramics’ patented line of thread sealants are bio-compatible, chemically inert, and oxygen-safe products…

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HinderRUST - Logo - 2020

HinderRUST Keeps
the World Moving!

Fluoramics, Inc. has developed HinderRUST — A solvent-free rust inhibitor, rust prevention and corrosion protection lubricant for your most essential equipment…

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Make Your
Ordinary Oil TUFoil

Lubricants engineered with our proprietary PTFE colloidal chemistry engineered for industrial and consumer applications…

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Fluoramics for Industrial

Industrial / Welding / Maintenance

Recreational & RV


Plumbing & Water Treatment

fluoramics firearms industry


fluoramics marine industry


agriculture industry



Bottled Gas

Bottled Gas

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Due to worldwide events surrounding COVID-19, delivery of products to your door may take longer. We are preparing your orders as quickly as ever but we are hearing that some deliveries are being affected by nationwide shipping delays. Thank you for your patience as we all wait and hope for a time when things return to normal.

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