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New From Fluoramics 

Fluoramics has introduced a new application tip for its 100-gram tube of Formula-8® thread sealant. This packaging will appeal to users of Formula-8® who are looking for easier or one-handed application. The extended tip also makes it easy to access hard-to reach areas.

Fluoramics has introduced a new style of pocket oiler for one of its most popular products: Tufoil Gun-Coat and Tufoil Lubit-8. The new oilers features robust packaging paired with a needle-like application tip designed for precise application. The oilers come with a removable pocket clip so that you can keep it secure wherever you are headed!

Upcoming Trade Shows

Fluoramics will be at the National Association of Corrosion Engineers Conference (NACE) at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas from March 15th-19th. We will be at Booth 1652. We will be featuring HinderRUST and our Tufoil® Technology Lubrication.

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