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Make Your Ordinary Oil Tufoil

When Tufoil engine lubricant mixes with your engine oil,
your oil is changed into a highly efficient engine treatment
with an extremely low surface friction...

Prevent Rust Before It's Too Late

Fluoramics, Inc. has developed HinderRUST — A solvent-free
rust inhibitor, rust prevention and corrosion protection lubricant
for your most essential equipment...

Oxygen-Safe Industrial Sealants

Fluoramics’ patented line of thread sealants are bio-compatible,
chemically inert, and oxygen-safe products...

Fluoramics Firearms
Fluoramics Marine
Fluoramics Agriculture
Fluoramics Industrial
Fluoramics Bottled Gas
Fluoramics Medical

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Upcoming Shows

Fluoramics will be at Corrosion 2018 Conference & Expo from April 15 – 19 at the Phoenix Convention Center. We will be featuring our HinderRUST products, as well as our complete line of Tufoil Technology products and our thread sealant pastes and greases.

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