Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

Farming requires a large investment in equipment. HinderRUST forms a protective barrier against the two elements required for corrosion: oxygen and moisture. It also provides longer-lasting protection than other rust stoppers. This means you spend your time doing what you should be doing and not fixing rusty equipment.

Everything from large assets like rototillers, tractors, and harvesters to smaller items like pruning shears benefit from HinderRUST protection. Here are just a few ways our clients are protecting their investments from rust by using HinderRUST.

  • Free the locking pins on a tiller
  • Protect trailer hitches
  • Apply over peeling paint for metal protection
  • Keep grass from sticking to harvesting blades
  • Reclaim smooth bearing operation after seizing
  • Loosen the drive train on a hay baler
  • Lubricate tractor throttle cables
  • Lubricate and loosen barn door locks and runners
  • Loosen threaded joints on irrigation pumps
  • Lubricate hose winders
  • Protect gears and provide lubrication on tractors
  • Restore integrity to a rusty chain drive
  • Rototiller maintenance and blade lube
  • Metal container rust prevention
  • Protect wires from moisture and corrosion
  • Use on cables and winches
  • Protect machinery and frames
  • Keep blades and augers rust-free

HinderRUST Applications

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