Will Tufoil Gun-Coat prevent corrosion as well as lubricate?

Tufoil Gun-Coat is engineered to prevent corrosion, carbon, lead and copper build-up, while providing the superior lubrication of Tufoil Technology.

Will Tufoil Gun-Coat leave an oily residue?

No, Tufoil Gun-Coat is solvent free so it will not become tacky or evaporate. Gun-Coat is engineered for a thin boundary film that will adsorb into the metal.

When should I apply Tufoil Gun-Coat to my firearms?

Tufoil Gun-Coat should be applied to a clean firearm. The precision tip applicators allow for a pin-point precision application. Less is more.

Where on my firearms should I use Tufoil Gun-Coat?

After cleaning your firearm use Gun-Coat to lubricate. Apply to all moving parts, slides, springs, trigger mechanisms, inside and outside of the barrel. The precision tip applicators allow for a pin-point precision application. Less is more.

Are there any types of oil/greases that Tufoil for Industrial Use should not be used with?

Yes, Tufoil for Industrial Use should not be used with glycol-based oils. To test compatibility, blend or shake one ounce of Tufoil with ten ounces of the host oil. If there is separation Tufoil is not compatible with the host oil.

Can we use Tufoil for Industrial Use in our central lubrication system?

Yes, Tufoil for Industrial Use can be used to improve the efficiency of your central lubrication system if the system is using a petroleum or synthetic based oil. You will want to be sure to add Tufoil for Industrial Use at a ratio of one-part Tufoil to ten parts host oil.

For what type of industrial applications is Tufoil for Industrial Use effective?

All applications that utilize a petroleum or synthetic oil for lubrication. This includes machinery, compressors, gearboxes, standard transmissions, pumps, forklift trucks, hydraulic systems (except those using glycol-based oils,) stamping and deep drawing.

Will Tufoil for Industrial Use lower the operating temperature of machinery?

Yes, Tufoil for Industrial Use is formulated to reduce friction and operating temperatures.

In what ways will Tufoil for Industrial Use improve machinery operation in my facility?

Tufoil for Industrial Use is formulated to protect against scoring and scratching in operations such as stamping and deep drawing. When used in machinery, Tufoil for Industrial Use reduces wear, noise, vibration and friction while improving production quality and minimizing downtime. Tufoil for Industrial Use reduces heat and operating oil temperatures, lowers starting torque, extends oil-drain intervals, eliminates sheet metal cracking, cuts waste, and speeds up production.

Can Tufoil for Industrial Use be used in any gearbox?

Tufoil for Industrial Use can be used in gearboxes that contain petroleum or synthetic based oils. Tufoil for Industrial Use cannot be used with gearboxes containing glycol-based oils.

How does Tufoil Technology make HinderRUST a better rust inhibitor?

Tufoil Technology allows HinderRUST to aggressively wet across metal surfaces by using boundary film technology to provide superior corrosion protection.

Which HinderRUST product will best protect metal that is stored outdoors?

HinderRUST HV100 is the best option for metal stored outdoors.

Which HinderRUST product is best for protecting against flash rusting for a period up to 60 days?

HinderRUST R2.0 is best used for temporary surface protection after fabrication, or during storage or transportation.

Which form of HinderRUST is easiest to remove?

HinderRUST R2.0 is our removable formula that can be removed by pressure washing or washing with soapy water.

What are some of the common household uses for HinderRUST?

HinderRUST is commonly used on nuts, bolts, hinges, door handles, door locks, trailers, hitches and wire harnesses, yard art, vehicles, gardening tools and home equipment.

What is the NSN for Formula-8?


Does Formula-8 contain solvents?

No, Formula-8 is solvent-free and non-hazardous.

In what range of temperatures will Formula-8 continue to work?

Formula-8 will remain stable from -400°F up to 500°F.

Can Formula-8 be used to seal natural gas systems?

Yes, Formula-8 is safe to use in natural gas systems.

Can Formula-8 be used to seal fuel lines?

Yes, Formula-8 is safe to use in fuel systems.

For what size threads is Formula-8 appropriate?

Formula-8 can be used alone on threaded connections ¾” and smaller. In some cases, threaded connections larger than ¾” will benefit from two wraps of our Full Density PTFE Tape in addition to the Formula-8 to assist with bulk fill on those larger, more course threads.

When was Formula-8 invented?

Formula-8 was engineered back in 1967 to replace PTFE tape.

Can Formula-8 be used with liquid and gaseous oxygen?

Yes, Formula-8 is liquid and gaseous-oxygen safe under ASTM G72-82 and G86 (NASA) testing standards.

Does LOX-8 Paste prevent galling of stainless steel fittings?