The Science of HinderRUST

Corrosion costs industries and consumers billions of dollars each year worldwide. Although many products claim to be the best at corrosion control, HinderRUST is backed by 50 years of research and successful development of winning products in the corrosion and lubrication fields.

HinderRUST — A Corrosion Inhibitor for the 21st Century

HinderRUST was developed to be easy to apply and completely safe to use. Our non-solvent rust formula deeply penetrates on contact, creating a protective and long-lasting shield for all of your metal surfaces. With HinderRUST, you won’t just get rust repair, you get a proven rust prevention barrier that gives new and long-lasting life to metal surfaces. Whether you’re stopping existing rust, or trying to prevent it in the first place, try HinderRUST and you’ll see the difference a scientifically proven product really makes.

Why is HinderRUST a Better Rust Inhibitor?

There are 5 primary reasons why HinderRUST has quickly become one of the world’s most popular rust inhibitors.

  1. Surface Active Rust Inhibitor —The chemistry is extremely “surface active,” allowing it to expand to cover exposed parts of metal you may not have completely sprayed or painted, while pushing water out at the same time. The chemistry stays fluid, which means it cannot crack, chip, or be broken.
  2. Extremely Durable Rust Inhibitor — The chemistry bonds to metal at the atomic level. HinderRUST takes advantage of a chemical process known as “Adsorption.” In this process, a metal bonding takes place at the molecular level making HinderRUST extremely resistant to being bumped or wiped off. It can still be removed safely using a standard solvent or high pressure water stream, however.
  3. Extremely Long-Lasting Rust Inhibitor — Because HinderRUST contains no solvents, it does not evaporate. It sits on your metal, protecting it from rust for months and years. And, because it stays fluid, it continues to migrate and is self-healing against any areas where the chemistry may have been rubbed off.
  4. Completely Effective At Preventing Rust — During development, we tested HinderRUST against 17 of the most common rust inhibitors. The results showed that HinderRUST does indeed represent something new in the world of rust inhibitors, and our customers seem to agree. The oil penetrates through to the base metal, creating a barrier against moisture and oxygen. The engineered corrosion inhibitors add further protection against future rust and corrosion.
  5. No Solvents, None — The presence of solvents and other bizarre homegrown chemicals in most competitor products constitute a health and environmental risk. For those for whom this matters, HinderRUST is one of the few choices available to you and the only one that works effectively. Even our aerosol version of HinderRUST is solvent-free.

Why Do HinderRUST Products Inhibit Rust So Well?

The simple answer is that it was developed by a scientist and inventor with a very special understanding of how lubricants and metal interact. Besides HinderRUST, inventor Franklin G. Reick is also the inventor of Tufoil Engine Treatment, holder of the Guinness Book Record for most effective lubricant in the world, LOX-8 thread sealant, Gun-Coat, Lubit-8, and many more products.

Surface Active Technology

Unlike most other rust inhibitors, HinderRUST is based on solid science and chemistry. Our compound is called “surface active” because through a chemical process known as adsorption, it actually spreads across the surface of metal and forms a molecular adhesion to the surface. This process creates a film of HinderRUST on the surface of the metal which is much more difficult to wash off unless high pressure water or solvents are applied.

No Solvents

But the science doesn’t end there: HinderRUST is 100% solvent free. This means we are one of the safest rust prevention compounds on the market.

Displaces Water

HinderRUST is engineered to displace moisture from metal surfaces. This allows HinderRUST to chemically bond to metal surfaces and form a barrier against future moisture and oxygen exposure.

Anti-Rust Lubricant

And finally, HinderRUST actually acts a lubricant. Because it is partly based on Tufoil Technology, how could it not? When you consider how many applications for HinderRUST actually benefit from adsorptive lubrication, you’ll understand how powerful a feature this is when combined with a rust inhibiting product. For example:

  • Restore a stiff and rusty bike or motorcycle chain
  • Lubricate and protect a gearbox
  • Free up rusty wheels and rollers
  • Protect and lubricate hydraulic cylinder pistons
  • Protect and lubricate garage door mechanisms
  • Lubricate and clean up your rusty chainsaw blade
  • Protect and lubricate brake or gear cables on your mower
  • Protect and lubricate outdoor equipment and furniture.

Unbeatable Performance by HinderRUST Corrosion Inhibitors

Our solvent-free rust-preventing, corrosion-inhibiting lubricant is the only corrosion inhibitor you will ever need. HinderRUST attacks existing corrosion and actually displaces moisture as it reaches deep into the smallest areas to penetrate the base metal, and puts an end to rust and corrosion.

Try HinderRUST today and see the difference a scientifically-formulated corrosion inhibitor can make!