Got Rust?

Got rust problems? Don’t worry, most people do. Rust occurs when metals are exposed to air or water for a period of time. Oxidation slowly decomposes iron and iron alloys into other chemicals because of a reaction with the oxygen molecules. Both air and water are needed for rust. Rust inhibitors are a great way to tackle [...]

Motorcycle and Motocross Enthusiast Sponsors Pro Motocross Rider Collin Reinhart

Brian Karlsbrotten is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and motocross racer. His interests range from racing to maintenance/repairs to development of products specific to the motorcycle/motocross arenas. His best-known product, Moto 192, is engineered with Tufoil Technology to create extreme lubricity in order to survive the harshest riding conditions. Brian sponsors a professional motocross competitor, [...]

Rust Converters versus HinderRUST

We are frequently asked if HinderRUST is a rust converter. Our answer to that is "no." So, what exactly is a converter? A rust converter is a chemical solution or primer that can be applied to repair a rusted surface that works by converting rust into a protective chemical barrier. Converters need 100% rust in [...]

Holiday Sale

Holiday Sale December 2nd - December 14th! www.fluoramics.com Christmas is right around the corner, which means gifts for everyone!  Fluoramics has three bundles to help you spread the Christmas cheer! Order today and get your friends and family taken care of for Christmas.  This Holiday Sale starts at 8 a.m. CST Wednesday December 2, [...]

HinderRUST Combines Corrosion Control with Lubricity

Fluoramics' HinderRUST line of products combines surface film management to stop corrosion with Tufoil Technology to provide lubricity. As a result, HinderRUST products are not only great rust inhibitors but also excellent lubricants. Tufoil Technology includes the elements engineered for Tufoil in the 1970s only after many years in the laboratory and the issuance of 11 [...]

Cyber Monday Sale

One Day Only Sale! Cyber Monday Sale - November 30th www.fluoramics.com It is the best time of year for sales! Fluoramics is no different! Check out the great deals we are having for our one day Cyber Monday Sale! This Cyber Monday Sale starts at 8 a.m. CST Monday November 30, and ends at [...]

Galling Causes Performances Failures

What is galling? Galling is a form of wear caused by adhesion between sliding surfaces. Galling is a common problem where metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and titanium slide while in contact with like or dissimilar metals. The interaction of the two sliding surfaces may result in the transfer of material from one [...]

Don’t Blame the Sealant

When pipe joints leak, most people want to blame the pipe sealant. In many cases, however, the quality of the sealant isn’t the culprit. Other causes for leaks include not using enough sealant, cracks in the piping and joints, improperly applied PTFE tape, overtightening of joints, and dissimilar types of connections. Troubleshooting One of [...]

Fall into Savings Sale

Fall into Savings Sale October 12th - October 30th! www.fluoramics.com It is finally that time of the year again! It is time to start thinking about preparing for fall and winter, whether you like it or not! Fluoramics has four kits to help you prepare! Order today and get your tools, vehicles, and hunting [...]

Not all Oil Additives are Created Equal

People love to debate the merits of engine oil additives. Engine and oil forums are full of threads debating this topic. Many people speak passionately about the benefits they've seen with the use of them while others liken oil additives to snake oil. It's important to realize that not all oil additives are alike. [...]