Fluoramics Joins The Chlorine Institute

Winona, Minn. - (October 22, 2020) Fluoramics, Inc. is proud to announce it was recently welcomed as a member of The Chlorine Institute (CI). As the manufacturer of LOX-8 thread sealant, Fluoramics has been a strong presence in the chlorine industry for more than 50 years. LOX-8 chemistry is engineered to withstand harsh chemicals [...]

Fluoramics LOX-8® Prevents Oxygen Leaks & Extends Service Life

Winona, Minn. - (February 18, 2021) LOX-8® Paste and Grease, by Fluoramics, Inc., are proven to prevent oxygen leaks and extend service life of respiratory therapy systems. Medical devices operate with a degree of precision, flexibility and sophistication that would astonish the inventors of early systems. However, the need for safety and reliability has [...]

Fluoramics’ LOX-8: Sealant of Choice with Ozone Sterilization/Purification Systems

(WINONA, MN, March 31, 2020) Non-touch sterilization/purification systems are used in medical setting to eradicate bacteria, viruses and odors. Ozone is the most powerful naturally-occurring oxidative agent and is a faster disinfectant that bleach. With its extra free radical oxygen molecule, ozone is able to destroy germs, viruses, and microbes that cause surface or [...]

Using HinderRUST to Preserve and Protect Metals While Projects are on Hold

(WINONA, MN, May 28, 2020) While the world is slowly becoming active again, the financial implications of COVID-19 remain. In particular, construction projects have ground to a halt due to safety concerns for workers, supply chain issues, the tabling of state financing incentives, and rising municipal bond rates. When projects are cancelled mid-stream or [...]

Prevent Cryogenic Leaks and Corrosion

Winona, Minn. - (March 25, 2021) We hear a lot about cryogenics these days due to the need to keep vaccinations extremely cold. Cryogenic liquids such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon are also used in other applications including industrial, cannabis, and medical. They are used for storing large quantities of food, special effects fog, [...]

Chemical Corrosion Inhibitor Article Published

(Winona, MN – January 16, 2020) “Failure-Free from Start to Finish,” an in-depth article written by Fluoramics on using chemical corrosion inhibitors to protect pipelines during transportation, storage and fabrication was recently published in the Coatings & Corrosion 2019 issue of World Pipelines. Using corrosion inhibitors on pipelines maintains pipeline integrity, improves operation safety [...]

Earth Day and Chemicals CAN go Together . . . in a Good Way

Earth Day was first officially recognized on April 22, 1970 as a way to demonstrate support for a healthy environment, raise awareness about environmental issues, and remind people that everyone needs to contribute to a sustainable planet. The passage of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act are [...]

Swing into Spring Sale

Swing into Spring Sale April 12th - 30th! www.fluoramics.com Spring is right around the corner! We are offering three bundles until Friday, April 30th at 11:59 p.m.! Get your house, cars, trucks, campers and RVs ready for spring with our Swing into Spring Sale!  __________________________________________ Get Tuf Bundle - Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! [...]

Fluoramics: Safe Products is our Middle Name

Fluoramics prides itself on offering solvent-free and non-hazardous products, a necessity in today's world. Solvent-free and non-hazardous products have several advantages such as reduced health risks and safety requirements. But what does that mean and why do we care? Why are hazardous products bad? Solvent-based and hazardous products can cause health and environmental concerns. Health hazards [...]

Fluoramics LOX-8® Grease Extends Operating Life of Toggle Valve

LOX-8® Grease, by Fluoramics, Inc., is proven to extend the operating life of a toggle valve by 26 times. Instron, a worldwide leader in the materials testing industry, manufactures and services sophisticated machines that test the mechanical properties of a wide range of materials, components, and structures. Steve McMahon has been a Mechanical Engineer [...]