Stopping Corrosion of Grounding Wires

Corrosion of grounding wires and battery terminals is a problem in all vehicles. HinderRUST stops the ongoing corrosion. In the fall of 2016, Fluoramics, Inc. conducted a Vehicle Protection Day for employees who wished to treat their cars — or the cars of family members — with HinderRUST. As part of the program, we sprayed HinderRUST on [...]

Test the Power of HinderRUST Yourself!

Fluoramics is offering a limited number of free HinderRUST Test Kits to people interested in seeing for themselves what HinderRUST can do and are willing to document their results with us. The Test Kit comes complete with a numbered metal test plate, a trial size container of HinderRUST, an application brush, an alcohol prep pad, and an [...]

Stopping Leaks in Hypochlorite Water Treatment Plants

Water treatment plants are subject to many hazards throughout their piping systems, varying from PTFE cold flow leakage and creep, to oxidizing and corrosive liquids. Constant water pressure and caustic chemical exposure leaves a facility susceptible to vulnerabilities in each threaded connection. Inadequate sealants and poor initial installation can raise water, money, and energy waste, [...]

Tailgate Season is Here!

Don't let rust ruin your pre-game celebration! By applying HinderRUST to the non-food contact areas of your grill, you can rest easy knowing that your grill will always be ready for the big game. Also, if you are wondering how to clean and re-season your grill's grates, check out the "Is Rust on a BBQ [...]

Tips for preventing rust and corrosion on airplanes

An airplane is a significant investment that comes with a unique set of maintenance challenges. Keeping up with repairs and maintenance is as much about preventing bigger costs down the line as it is keeping you and any passengers safe in the air. Rust and metal corrosion are one of the biggest challenges facing any [...]

How to remove rust from grills, camping equipment and bikes

If your outdoor sporting and leisure equipment has metal components, chances are that you’re going to have to deal with rust at some point. If you live near the coast, rust is even more of an issue, and you need the best corrosion prevention technology to ensure the long life and functionality of your belongings. [...]

What are your options when it comes to rust prevention products?

Whether you’re looking for a rust prevention product for industrial purposes or to keep your firearm in good condition, it’s vitally important to do some research before selecting a product. Here are some tips from anti-rust spray specialists at HinderRUST. Look for a product specific to your needs: If you need a lubricating anti-rust product [...]

4 steps to protecting guns from rust

A quality firearm should give you decades of reliable use, but this will only happen if it is maintained and stored properly. Pistols, rifles and shotguns all rely on metal components in order to function correctly, and this means that they are susceptible to rust and corrosion. Without proper storage, the rusting process can set [...]

How to stop your boat from rusting

Water is key to the formation of rust, so it’s no surprise that boats often suffer from corrosion. If your boat is in salt water, your risks are even higher as salt accelerates the rusting process. This makes corrosion and rust prevention essential to protecting your investment – here’s how: Keep it clean: After use, [...]

Rust corrodes your car’s resale value

Thinking of selling your car eventually? The secondhand car market is a competitive one and if you want to get the best price for your vehicle, keeping it well maintained is essential —and that means preventing rust. Rust can cause significant damage to your car by spoiling the bodywork, corroding the chassis and underside of [...]