After years of dedicated use, most transportation equipment suffers the same fate: rust, plus unnecessary and costly replacements. Iron oxide, or rust, coats over gears, wiring, hinges, and wheels, making them virtually unusable. Fortunately HinderRUST breathes new life into transit machinery like autos, subways, buses, trains and planes, saving them from the junkyard and saving you money in your pocket.

HinderRUST’s unique ability to penetrate existing rust, adhere and absorbs into metal pores, seal out corrosion and remain flexible and self-healing makes it perfect for transportation related uses.

Recommended Uses in Transportation:

  • Wiring
  • Battery Terminals
  • Steering Cables
  • Protect Outdoor Electrical Relay Contacts
  • Clean and Protect Trailer Hitch Mechanisms and Wiring
  • Interior door locking mechanisms
  • Interior hatch locking mechanism and hardware
  • Locking tumblers
  • All hinges
  • All external jettison shafts and spring pins
  • Gas strut attachment points
  • Cargo door tracks and rollers
  • Main door torque tube bearings
  • Areas requiring a light oil lubrication and corrosion protection
  • Freeing-up seized, rusted, corrode or otherwise frozen bearings, bushings, rollers and fasteners.
  • Door latches
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