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Using Tufoil Engine Treatment in a Morgan 3-Wheeler

by Al Kolvites I’ve been using Tufoil before it was Tufoil. Forty-nine years ago, I was a flight instructor and gave Tufoil inventor Frank Reick his first lesson… read the forward in his book “Just Frank” for an interesting story on that subject. We became friends and I participated in the early tests of [...]

Using HinderRUST to Preserve and Protect Metals While Projects are on Hold

While the world is slowly becoming active again, the financial implications of COVID-19 remain. In particular, construction projects have ground to a halt due to safety concerns for workers, supply chain issues, the tabling of state financing incentives, and rising municipal bond rates. When projects are cancelled mid-stream or after materials are purchased, concerns [...]

Father’s Day Sale

Father's Day Sale June 1st - June 15th www.fluoramics.com Father’s Day is the time of year to show the handy-person of the house how much he or she means to the family. The person who holds the house down. The person who fixes a leaking water pipe under the sink. The person who replaces [...]

What is 4-Ball Testing as used in Testing Lubricants?

There are many methods for testing the lubricity of oils . . . each is used for a different purpose. Some tests are good for gear oils, some are good for testing cutting oils, and others are best for testing engine oils. S. M. Hsu and R. S. Gates of the National Bureau of [...]

New Product – Bust That Rust!

Fluoramics has introduced Bust That Rust, a synthetic penetrating oil engineered to break through rust. Bust That Rust is engineered to provide the ultimate in rust-breaking capabilities. Its foaming action allows the penetrant to soak deep into and beyond the areas to which it is applied. Solvent free, it will not evaporate, and it [...]

Fluoramics’ LOX-8: Sealant of Choice with Ozone Sterilization/Purification Systems

Ozone purification and sterilization systems are getting much attention these days due to their increased use in both the medical and water treatment industries. However, it is important to note that due to the oxidative attributes of ozone, most thread sealants won't withstand the corrosiveness of the gas. Fluoramics' LOX-8, however, is engineered to [...]

Tufoill® Air Tool now Available in New Sizes

We have introduced two new product sizes for Tufoil Air Tool Oil: 32 fl. oz. quart jug and 128 fl. oz. gallon. Air Tool Oil is currently offered in a 2 fl. oz. squeeze bottle and the new quart and gallon sizes provide a way to efficiently refill lubrication reservoirs on air lines plus [...]

New Caps Now Available

Fluoramics, Tufoil Gun-Coat, HinderRUST and Tufoil Technology caps are now available for sale through our web site and storefront! All of these designs are low profile with the Fluoramics logo on the left side of the cap. The Tufoil Technology Lubricants cap is light grey with the Tufoil Technology Lubricants logo in the classic red [...]

Formula-8® Thread Sealant now Available with Easy Application Tip

We have introduced a new application tip for our 100-gram tube of Formula-8® thread sealant. This packaging will appeal to users of Formula-8 who are looking for easier or one-handed application. The extended tip also makes it easy to access hard-to reach areas and may be cut to a length which provides the desired thickness [...]

Ensuring the Performance of KLAW Breakaway Couplings in the Chlorine Industry

LOX-8 thread sealant is applied to the couplings on all Chemflow Hose Assemblies. Mike Johnson is the founder and President of Chemflow Products, a leading distributor of flow control products to the chlorine industry. In 2009, Johnson was instrumental in getting the KLAW Safety Breakaway Coupling approved for use in the chlorine [...]