Fluoramics, Inc. Employees Donated Books for GAWDA Program

Fluoramics, Inc. employees collected and donated over 70 books for the GAWDA Gives Back Literacy Program. The books were presented on October 7, 2021 at the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) Convention in Colorado Springs, CO. Fluoramics, Inc. Employees Donated Books for GAWDA Program GAWDA Gives Back – Supporting children through [...]

Using HinderRUST to Repair Clocks

Using HinderRUST to Repair Clocks: Guest Post, courtesy of Mike Martin from MARTIN & CAMP TRADING COMPANY LLC I repair clocks.  Recently a customer brought me a clock that projects the time onto the ceiling at night.  It is a Westclox Moonbeam Clock with Lighted Dial, from the 1950s.  At some point, the bulb [...]

Ending Corrosion Problems in Ethanol Gasoline Storage Systems

Rusty Ethanol Containment System Corrosion on underground ethanol gasoline storage tank components is a big problem facing service stations and convenience stores with ethanol gas pumps. In 2014, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a nationwide report indicating that ethanol-blended gasolines were rapidly corroding many gasoline storage tank components [...]

LOX-8® Paste Provides Solutions, Support in LNG Supply Chain

Fluoramics’ LOX-8® Paste thread sealant was recently qualified and specified for use by yet another global equipment manufacturer servicing all levels of liquid natural gas (LNG) applications. LOX-8 Paste is engineered for use in applications with aggressive chemicals such as liquid natural gas, oxygen, and chlorine. It is also the sealant of choice for [...]

How Do YOU Use Lubit-8?

Our employees and customers often share with us how and where they use our products. Tufoil Lubit-8 is a versatile lubricant that can be -- and is -- used almost anywhere. We sometimes joke that we should create a list called "1001 uses for Lubit-8." Here is a true story from a Fluoramics employee: [...]

What Makes Tufoil Technology so Unique?

Fluoramics offers a line of lubricants under the brand "Tufoil Technology" that includes products ranging from oil additives to greases to specialty lubricants such as Tufoil Gun-Coat. What does Tufoil Technology mean and why should I look for lubricants using Tufoil Technology? Fluoramics engineered Tufoil for Engines in the 1970s, after almost ten years [...]

LOX-8 Paste is Crucial to Aerospace Industry

The world is buzzing with space-related news such as Richard Branson's recent flight to space and the upcoming flight by Jeff Bezos. Most people don't realize Fluoramics products play a crucial role in the manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace systems at companies such as Black Hawk (helicopters), Blue Origin, SpaceX, and NASA. Engineers request LOX-8 Paste [...]

Fluoramics introduces LOX-8 NF Oil

Fluoramics, Inc. has released a new product, LOX-8 NF Oil, which will not fluoresce during black light inspections. LOX-8 NF Oil is a low-viscosity inert PCTFE lubricant. It is engineered from oxygen-approved chemistries and allows for lubrication of critically clean surfaces that require black light inspection. Use LOX-8 NF Oil on o-rings, seals and [...]