Protecting Tenon Cutter Blades From Corrosion

Protecting Tenon Cutter Blades from Corrosion: Lumberjack Tools Lumberjack Tools is a successful family-run business located in the charming city of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Founded in 2002, Lumberjack Tools designs and manufactures the tools and fixtures needed to make log furniture, including tenon cutters, blades, bits, draw knives, and log locks. Lumberjack Tools markets [...]

HinderRUST Now Available in an Aerosol Can

You Asked for HinderRUST in an Aerosol Can and Fluoramics Delivered! Winona, Minn. - Corrosion is everywhere, and different forms of corrosion require different forms of application. By request, Fluoramics is now packaging its ever-popular HinderRUST S4.0 rust stopper and lubricant in an aerosol spray can that allows for quicker and more uniform coverage. Unlike [...]

NSF Certification Press Release: Formula-8, LOX-8 Paste, LOX-8 Grease

Sealants are Registered for Use in Food Processing Facilities Winona, Minn. - (December 1, 2017) Minnesota-based Fluoramics, Inc. announced today that three of its leading products -- LOX-8 Paste, LOX-8 Grease, and Formula-8 -- have received registration from the NSF International Guidelines for Nonfood Compounds. As registered products, they now appear in the NSF [...]

How to Apply HinderRUST: 4 Easy Ways

HinderRUST, the Longest-Lasting Rust Inhibitor Most rust inhibitors are made with flammable solvents that promote evaporation of the products once they are applied. This reduces the products’ rust inhibiting performance, and requires users to frequently reapply them. Not so with HinderRUST.  HinderRUST is solvent-free and is engineered with Tufoil Technology, a proprietary PTFE technology [...]

How to Apply LOX-8 Thread Sealant to Metal Fittings

LOX-8® Paste: Nothing Will Stop It from Sealing a Joint – Not Even Harsh Acids, Caustic Bases, or Extreme Temperatures LOX-8 Paste is a PTFE thread sealant and lubricant that is specifically formulated for use in wet, high-temperature environments as well as in extreme low-temperature cryogenic environments. LOX-8 is approved for use with liquid and [...]

Correctly Applying Formula-8 PTFE Thread Sealant

Formula-8 – the original PTFE thread sealant – is a shear-sensitive paste that sheets out into PTFE strings when torqued and delivers exceptional sealing performance on all sizes of threads. The only thread sealant you need in your toolbox, Formula-8 is ideal for use in oxygen and fuel systems, hydraulic cylinders, plus natural gas [...]

Finally, a Rust Inhibitor that Metal Fabricators Can Weld Through!

Metal fabricators and welders now have a way to protect steel from corrosion without impairing their ability to weld it. HinderRUST S4.0 rust inhibitor recently passed extensive weld testing at the Welder Training and Testing Institute (WTTI) in Allentown, PA, providing welders with confidence that they can weld steel directly through this HinderRUST formulation. [...]

HinderRUST Application Now Easier than Ever!

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to apply HinderRUST to multiple areas? Fluoramics now offers HinderRUST Brush-It Jars to make the application of your favorite version of HinderRUST an absolute breeze. The jars are available in a convenient 8 oz. and 32 oz. size and are shipped to you empty. Just [...]