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HinderRUST HV500
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HinderRUST HV500 is a non-drying blackened version of HinderRUST that is engineered to provide even stronger rust control while attractively covering over existing rust. This industrial grade version is engineered to be a mobile rust stopper lubricant with UV protection and contains additional thixotropic properties to provide outside exposure protection. It goes on as a liquid and thickens over time to create a wax-like surface protectant. This makes it perfect for use on no-touch areas of vehicles, industrial equipment, steel cables, and wire ropes.

HinderRUST HV500’s unique Liquid-to-Wax formula means that it is easy to apply in a liquid state by paintbrush, roller, or sprayer. It then slowly thickens to a wax-like surface protectant, providing a strong barrier against moisture and oxygen. Use it on bare or rusted metals — no surface prep is needed on tightly adhered rust. Because it is engineered with a UV-resistant black color, the coating stays a rich black and covers over existing rust while protecting against new corrosion.

Unlike most other rust inhibitors, HinderRUST is based on engineered PTFE chemistry that makes it an incredibly effective rust stopper. This compound is surface active because through a chemical process known as adsorption, it actually spreads across the surface of metal and forms a molecular adhesion to the surface, The process creates a film of HinderRUST on the surface of the metal which make it much more difficult to wash off.

All HinderRUST products are solvent-free and non-hazardous which means they are safe to use everywhere and will not evaporate over time. The chemistry is both water-displacing and self-repairing. It remains mobile and fills voids created by nicks, scratches, or dents. Like all maintenance products, it should be reapplied annually or as needed to maintain the barrier against corrosion.

HinderRUST HV500 is available in quart (9643361), gallon (9643363) and 5 gallon (9643365) containers

Typical Applications:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Wire ropes
  • Cables
  • No-touch areas on wrought iron fencing
  • Structural Steel
  • Safe for use with electrical wiring and panels
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