Fluoramics offers a line of lubricants under the brand “Tufoil Technology” that includes products ranging from oil additives to greases to specialty lubricants such as Tufoil Gun-Coat. What does Tufoil Technology mean and why should I look for lubricants using Tufoil Technology?

Fluoramics engineered Tufoil for Engines in the 1970s, after almost ten years of laboratory work and testing. Although there are many lubricants and oil additives on the market,  Tufoil Technology is different because of the successful suspension of PTFE particles. Properly dispersed PTFE particles will not form clumps, and sedimentation is very slow (years) and, even then, redispersion is easy. When proper dispersion methods are not used with PTFE, clumping, separation of base chemistry and particles, and settling occur. In some cases, the particles form spheroids that can’t get between tight-fitting working surfaces, plus are rapidly removed from the engine oil by conventional automotive filters.

Laboratory work using 4-ball testing show that properly engineered lubricants, used both as concentrates and as additives to other lubricants, have extraordinarily low friction and wear. In fact, in 1997, The Guinness Book of World Records identified Tufoil as the world’s most efficient lubricant. Tufoil was also tested by the National Bureau of Standards, now known as NIST, and by the Canadian government at their cold region lab in Kapuskasing, among other places.

Today, Tufoil for Engines is helping thousands of industrial, car, truck, motorcycle, and 4-cycle boat engines operate at peak performance. Tufoil’s proprietary PTFE dispersion produces an incredibly low coefficient of friction of just .029, enabling engines to run cooler, quieter, longer, and more efficiently. As a result, horsepower and operating life increase, while engine wear, maintenance and repair costs drop.

The same technology used in Tufoil for Engines is carried over to other products in the Tufoil Technology line of lubricants, and even in Fluoramics’ HinderRUST products. This means the successful dispersion of PTFE particles is at play in all of these products, producing extremely low friction and wear. All Tufoil Technology products also includes the same corrosion-fighting properties as found in Tufoil for Engines.

So, whether you are in search of a gun or air tool lubricant, a high-temperature or spindle grease, an oil additive, or an all-purpose lubricant, look for the Tufoil Technology brand to ensure you are getting high-quality products engineered with proven technology.