The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) has established a specified standard classification for lubricating greases. The NLGI consistency number (sometimes called “NLGI grade”) expresses a measure of the relative hardness of a grease used for lubrication. The higher the NLGI number, the firmer/thicker the grease. The NLGI consistency number alone is not sufficient for specifying the grease required by a particular application. Always refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended type of grease. (Source: )
Below is a guide to use when looking at Fluoramics’ lubricants and greases.

NLGI Grade 000

Appearance = fluid, Consistency = cooking oil
Tufoil for Industrial Use is recommended for heavy-duty applications, high unit pressures or where shock loads are present. Use for extreme pressure protection against wear, and eliminate stick-slip. Provides rust protection and resists water wash-out, making it suitable for equipment where moist or wet conditions are common. Good low temperature pumpability and suitable for centralized lubrication systems. Tufoil for Industrial Use also protects against scoring and scratching in operations such as stamping and deep drawing. Use in machinery to reduce wear, noise, vibration and friction while improving production and cutting downtime.

NLGI Grade 00

Appearance = fluid, Consistency = applesauce
LOX-8 Grease NLGI 00 is recommended for use in low viscosity applications such as ball valves, flange gaskets, robotics which use enclosed gear drives operating at low speeds, and open gearing. Oxygen-safe LOX-8 Grease is a PCTFE/PTFE grease. LOX-8 Grease is different than most greases because it is resistant to harsh chemicals such as chlorine and powerful oxidizers. It provides superior performance as a lubricant and is stable from -400 degrees F to +550 degrees F. It is non-migrating, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-hardening, and is anti-galling with stainless steel.

NLGI Grade 1

Appearance = soft, Consistency = tomato paste
Lightning Grease is a jelled version of Tufoil. Lightning Grease works where all others fail. Lightning Grease significantly lowers operating temperatures, thereby extending machinery and bearing life. The easily-sheared grease is great for applications where low break-out torque, low temperature, stick slip and wear are required. Use Lightning Grease on fine bearings, gears, steppers, servo bearings, and robots.
Tufoil Gun Grease is a moly-PTFE-Lithium complex NLGI 1 firearm grease for use on handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Engineered to meet the demanding conditions found in hunting, law enforcement and military environments, Gun Grease works well in extreme low and high temperatures.

NLGI Grade 2

Appearance = “normal” grease, Consistency = peanut butter
High Temperature Spindle Grease is a synthetic-lithium PTFE lubricant and grease. With no melting point and unlimited shelf life, High Temperature Spindle Grease is stable in excessive heat and will not melt or run, even in direct flame. High Temperature Spindle Grease works great on appliance motors, dental drills, brake calipers and all high-speed rotating machinery, robotic slides, and machines operating in high temperature environments.
LOX-8 Grease NLGI 2 is also available. NLGI Grade 2 grease is a grease for oxygen and harsh chemicals in industrial applications. Grade 2 grease is an excellent lubricant for plain and antifriction bearings operating under moderate load and at medium speeds. NLGI Grade 2 grease reducess friction and wear in high-speed, high-temperature components like wheel bearings and electric motors. LOX-8 Grease is ideal where Oxygen (certified for liquid and gaseous Oxygen) or harsh chemicals such as Chlorine or powerful oxidizers are present. LOX-8 Grease is not only a great sealant but a great lubricant. Use when greasing oxygen service bearings, valves, O-rings, pumps and regulators.
LOX-8 Paste is ideal where Oxygen (certified for liquid and gaseous Oxygen) or harsh chemicals such as Chlorine or powerful oxidizers are present. LOX-8 Paste is not only a great sealant but a great lubricant. LOX-8 is used in medical, nuclear and other high-tech fields including chemical processing, industrial gases and other aggressive applications.
NLGI Grade 5

Appearance = thick grease, Consistency = smooth paté

Chem-8 is a Silicone PTFE lubricant and grease that works great with mechanical instruments such as hinges where repeated autoclaving is required. Chem-8 works well in high pressure gases (except fluorine and oxygen). It is waterproof, effective to 300° F, and chemically inert. Use Chem-8 as a lubricating grease when working with aluminum against aluminum, vacuum systems, instrument threads, mechanical instruments, and high vapor pressure applications.