Distributors are vital to Fluoramics’ business model. Fluoramics manufactures highly-engineered lubricants and chemical products and you will rarely see our products in large retail chain stores. Instead, we support and rely on our distributors to get our products into the niche markets we serve.


Because our products are so unique, we put a strong focus on customized training for our distributors. Training takes many forms including video conferencing, on-site training, and riding along with sales personnel. In addition, distributors have direct access to Fluoramics’ engineering staff in order to get specific questions answered.

Passing on Leads

When we receive inquiries from prospective buyers, we pass them on to the distributors best suited to handle the inquiries. In addition, we list all our distributors on our website for ease of access for people looking for a distributor near them.

Marketing Materials

Fluoramics provides distributors access to all marketing materials. In addition to regularly published case studies, product overviews, and how-to videos, we have industry sales sheets and technical data sheets on our products. Printed literature pieces provide room for distributors’ company information and branding.

Trade Shows and Brand Recognition

We support our distributors by attending trade shows throughout the country. Our presence generates brand recognition and leads, plus allows us to visit distributors attending the trade show or that are located nearby.

Frequent Communication

We like to know how our distributors are doing and how we can continue to support them. We schedule on-site visits, phone calls, and video chats. We also generate a monthly email to share product information, links to training, and marketing materials with them.

To summarize, we value our distributors and are always looking for additional ways to make them a part of the Fluoramics family as they are an integral part of Fluoramics’ success. If you are interested in becoming a Fluoramics distributor, please reach out through our Become a Distributor page on our web site or call 1-507-205-9216.