Rust prevention in the aerospace industry requires special products, especially when it comes to corrosion control on sensitive aircraft engines, components, and related parts.  The manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft, airplanes, jets, flight vehicles, rockets, space exploration vehicles, spacecraft, and flight simulators all have unique concerns with rust protection. HinderRUST, a popular rust-stopping product by Fluoramics, has many features that make it the lubricating rust stopper in the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Industry Rust Prevention on Aircraft, Airplanes, Jets, Helicopters, Rockets, Space Exploration Vehicles, Spacecraft, Satellites and Flight Simulators

Aerospace Industry

HinderRUST is 100% solvent free which means it lasts longer than other rust stoppers and can even be used in enclosed areas such as inside airplanes or rockets. Use HinderRUST to protect and preserve equipment, and as a maintenance item for those time when you can’t paint.

HinderRUST S4.0 is both a lubricant and a corrosion-stopping agent. It is used as a rust preventative tool and is particularly good at preventing interfacial corrosion or metal-on-metal corrosion. It is used as a maintenance item as it will stop corrosion in its tracks until scheduled maintenance can be completed.

HinderRUST is 100% solvent-free and is safe to use in enclosed areas. As the Science of HinderRUST explains, HinderRUST was engineered using a chemistry that works by displacing water and providing a boundary film between metals, moisture and air. Its mobility and wetting agents allow it to bond to the treated surfaces and travel beyond the immediate area to which it is applied. That makes it a great maintenance tool for those hard-to-reach areas.

HinderRUST: Rust Prevention for Aircraft, Airplanes, Jets and Spacecraft

HinderRUST: Rust Prevention for Aerospace

Use HinderRUST on:

  • Painted, unpainted or rusted metal surfaces
  • Battery terminals, wiring, electronics
  • Loosening up frozen joints and fasteners
  • Protecting moving parts that cannot be painted
  • Welding, as HinderRUST is weld-through tested and approved

HinderRUST is quickly applied by brush, sprayer, or roller.

Another Fluoramics product for the Aerospace Industry is LOX-8 thread sealant used to prevent leaks in aerospace fuel and oxygen systems.

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