Fluoramics takes pride in Our Promise to our Customers

Fluoramics takes pride in Our Promise of providing you with a top-notch customer experience led by Training, Service, Experience and Quality.

Training: Our team is available to answer questions on product compatibility, attributes, and application. Our “Ask an Engineer” program provides an easy-to-use form in our website in order to ask questions. We also provide video learning opportunities, personalized Zoom or Teams training sessions, and — in some cases — in-person training at your facility or ours.

Service: Many companies say they provide good service, but we actually do. We often hear from our customers how refreshing it is to deal with a company that is responsive to questions and concerns. We answer your phone calls (no automated phone system during work hours here!) and respond to your emails and inquiries. Read our reviews to see what our customers say about our responsiveness.

Experience: Fluoramics has helped our customers with products manufactured in the U.S.A. for over 55 years. We don’t take our experience lightly, and neither should you. It is our experience that allows us to engineer products that are user friendly, and solve problems faced by businesses and consumers every day.

Quality: Our products are highly engineered and tested. This means they are developed through years of research and in-house testing. And, after we are happy with our in-house results, we back up the results with testing by accredited labs.

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