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In the News

HinderRUST Combines Corrosion Control with Lubricity

Fluoramics’ HinderRUST line of products combines surface film management to stop corrosion with Tufoil Technology to provide lubricity. As a result, HinderRUST products are not only great rust inhibitors but also excellent lubricants.

Tufoil […]

Galling Causes Performances Failures

What is galling?
Galling is a form of wear caused by adhesion between sliding surfaces. Galling is a common problem where metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and titanium slide while in contact with like or […]

Don’t Blame the Sealant

When pipe joints leak, most people want to blame the pipe sealant. In many cases, however, the quality of the sealant isn’t the culprit. Other causes for leaks include not using enough sealant, cracks in […]

Not all Oil Additives are Created Equal

People love to debate the merits of engine oil additives. Engine and oil forums are full of threads debating this topic. Many people speak passionately about the benefits they’ve seen with the […]

Why Use an Oil Additive with PTFE?

Many people don’t realize that an internal combustion engine’s crankcase is a chemical sewer. It is alternately hot, cold, bathed in combustion gases, soot, metallic wear debris and abrasive grit from the […]

Supporting Distributors at Fluoramics

Distributors are vital to Fluoramics’ business model. Fluoramics manufactures highly-engineered lubricants and chemical products and you will rarely see our products in large retail chain stores. Instead, we support and rely on […]