In the News

In the News

Fluoramics Joins The Chlorine Institute

Winona, Minn. – (October 22, 2020) Fluoramics, Inc. is proud to announce it was recently welcomed as a member of The Chlorine Institute (CI). As the manufacturer of LOX-8 thread sealant, Fluoramics has been a […]

Fluoramics LOX-8® Prevents Oxygen Leaks & Extends Service Life

Winona, Minn. – (February 18, 2021) LOX-8® Paste and Grease, by Fluoramics, Inc., are proven to prevent oxygen leaks and extend service life of respiratory therapy systems.

Medical devices operate with a degree of […]

Fluoramics’ LOX-8: Sealant of Choice with Ozone Sterilization/Purification Systems

(WINONA, MN, March 31, 2020) Non-touch sterilization/purification systems are used in medical setting to eradicate bacteria, viruses and odors. Ozone is the most powerful naturally-occurring oxidative agent and is a faster disinfectant that bleach. With […]

Using HinderRUST to Preserve and Protect Metals While Projects are on Hold

(WINONA, MN, May 28, 2020) While the world is slowly becoming active again, the financial implications of COVID-19 remain. In particular, construction projects have ground to a halt due to safety concerns for workers, supply […]

Prevent Cryogenic Leaks and Corrosion

Winona, Minn. – (March 25, 2021) We hear a lot about cryogenics these days due to the need to keep vaccinations extremely cold. Cryogenic liquids such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon are also used in […]

Chemical Corrosion Inhibitor Article Published

(Winona, MN – January 16, 2020) “Failure-Free from Start to Finish,” an in-depth article written by Fluoramics on using chemical corrosion inhibitors to protect pipelines during transportation, storage and fabrication was […]