Dodging Destruction

Just like cars need oil changes, air compressors and other small engines require regular maintenance too. Here’s a short, but true, success story from a Tufoil customer of how Tufoil Engine Treatment saved an air compressor from damage.


“On a typical day in my shop at home, I walked in and set about the task of clearing the work bench of tools I had used the previous day.

In doing so, I grabbed the air hose and connected it to an air blower nozzle to blow the dust off the work bench. When I depressed the air nozzle and started to clean the bench, I heard a distinctive “click” at the circuit breaker panel. I immediately opened the panel door and looked to see which circuit breaker had “popped.” It was the breaker for the air compressor. I switched it back on and it immediately “popped” again.

Tufoil Saved Air Compressor

Tufoil Saved My Air Compressor

With the circuit breaker in the off position, I walked over to the air compressor and unplugged it from the outlet.

I then removed the drive belt cover so I could check the electric motor and the compressor. In doing so, I notice that the pulley on the compressor unit itself would not turn. I removed the belt and again tried to rotate the compressor pulley. No luck, it was stuck. I removed the oil drain plug and to my dismay only three drops of oil ran out. Was it due to a lack of maintenance? Perhaps, but I did notice a small amount of oil near the near the top of the compressor. I suspect over time that when the compressor was operating, it was losing a little oil and I hadn’t noticed it before.

Then I got aggressive, and with the aid of a good pair of gloves, I was able to force the pulley to move back and forth. I continued this procedure until I was able to rotate the pulley completely around. I rotated the pulley another half a dozen times until I was satisfied the electric motor would run the compressor.

I then went to my oil storage cabinet to search for a suitable oil to pour into the compressor. Just my luck —No Luck. I did happen to notice a bottle of Tufoil Engine Treatment, however. Well, it’s this or a trip to the store, I thought. So, I poured the Tufoil into the compressor unit until it was full. 100% Tufoil is overkill, but I thought if I can save the compressor for even a day, it’s worth it.

Tufoil for Engines

Tufoil Engine Treatment

I reinstalled the drive belt and all the guards on the motor and the compressor. Then I plugged the power cord into the outlet and went back to the circuit breaker panel and reset the breaker. The air compressor started immediately; it was rather noisy, but it was running. I stood back and waited for the compressor to explode and for parts to fly everywhere, but the longer it ran, the quieter it got.

That was a week ago and I have been working in my shop every day since, using air tools as I normally would, and the air compressor is operating as well as it did on the first day I bought it.

The moral of the story is: Air compressors are expensive, and they require oil changes just like any other engine. Don’t wait until they run out of oil and lock up before you change oil but if it happens to you, try to free up the compressor, then add some Tufoil. It worked for me.

There’s a good chance your air compressor will last a lifetime if you perform routine maintenance by annually checking the belts, air filter, air hoses, hose connections, and changing the oil. When you change air compressor oil and add 1 ounce of Tufoil Engine Treatment per quart of oil. Drain moisture from the tank monthly or at least every 6 months. See your owner’s manual for maintenance details.”


Another important maintenance practice is to oil pneumatic tools. Tufoil Air Tool Oil is engineered with Tufoil® Technology to displace water and provide corrosion control. Air Tool Oil cleans, lubricates, and protects to maximize the performance and prolong the life of all oil-lubricated air tools. Lubricate tools daily or as specified by tool manufacturer.

Guest Blog By: Brian Karlsbroten
Certified Honda Motorcycle Technician / Marine Mechanic / Automotive Mechanic

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