Using HinderRUST to Repair Clocks: Guest Post, courtesy of Mike Martin from MARTIN & CAMP TRADING COMPANY LLC

I repair clocks.  Recently a customer brought me a clock that projects the time onto the ceiling at night.  It is a Westclox Moonbeam Clock with Lighted Dial, from the 1950s. Using HinderRUST to Repair Clocks

At some point, the bulb that projects the time onto the ceiling overheated and bulb’s heat ‘welded’ the contacts of the bulb to the contacts of the socket.  This is a common occurrence, especially when light bulbs stay on for extended periods of time.  I see it in automotive applications, where the combination of heat and corrosion makes it extremely difficult to remove a bulb from its socket without damaging the socket.  In this case, someone had made efforts to remove the burned out bulb from its socket.  Using HinderRUST to Repair Clocks
The remains of the bulb can be seen, still in the socket.  I knew I could replace the socket, but I thought I knew an easier way.  I used the Fluoramics HinderRUST Rust Stopping Lubricating Oil 12 ml pocket oiler with a hypodermic needle tip and I got enough of this super product into the lamp socket so it covered the area where the socket’s contacts and the lamp’s contact are pressed together.Using HinderRUST Rust Stopping Lubricating Oil in Repairing Clock

I let HinderRUST sit for about thirty minutes, and the bulb’s busted socket came right out of the lamp socket, leaving the lamp socket undamaged.

Now I will use my air compressor to blow the lamp socket out, to remove any debris that might remain, and I will order a new lamp, and this job will be complete. Fluoramics’ HinderRUST made it so easy that I will charge the customer just for the new bulb and won’t he be pleased!

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Using HinderRUST Rust Stopping Lubricating Oil in Repairing Clock