Because of supply chain concerns, companies are ordering and storing more raw materials. Use HinderRUST by Fluoramics to protect metals from rust and corrosion during storage.

Use HinderRUST to protect metals from rust and corrosion during storage

Use HinderRUST to protect metals from rust and corrosion during storage.

Concerns about rusting metals become a reality during storage. Not only are parts being stored longer than usual, storage may be in less than ideal conditions due to a shortage of proper storage conditions. HinderRUST®, by Fluoramics offers manufacturers, fabricators, and warehouse managers a variety of solutions for maintaining the integrity of metals.

“More than ever, corrosion on stored metals is a big concern. Supply chain issues are requiring companies to purchase metals in volume and store them for longer lengths of time and in less than desirable conditions. HinderRUST protects their investment by creating a barrier between the metal and moisture,” said Gregg Reick, Fluoramics’ President and Chief Chemical Engineer

Whether the metal is stored flat sheets, rebar, girts, purlins, fasteners, or finished parts, HinderRUST provides a long-lasting boundary film between metal and moisture. HinderRUST is easily applied by sprayers, aerosols, rollers or brushes and can be applied at any stage of storage or construction.

Fluoramics offers several versions of HinderRUST®:

Fluoramics offers several versions of HinderRUST

Fluoramics offers several versions of HinderRUST

  • R2.0 is a short-term, removable version that is ideal for metal parts that are manufactured and waiting to be shipped or go into service. It is removable for painting.
  • S4.0 is the standard version for use on metals under cover and is perfect for equipment maintenance, electronics protection, and pre-assembly protection. S4.0 is also WTTI weld-through approved. It allows for storage until fabrication with no removal required.
  • HV100, a heavy-duty version, converts to a wax film over time and provides a more robust level of protection.
  • HV500, a heavy-duty liquid-to-wax black formula, stops and covers over unsightly rust and prevents new rust from starting.HinderRUST Keeps the World Moving 

As an added benefit, HinderRUST lubricates while it protects against corrosion. That means nuts/bolts, anchor bolts and other hardware remain workable while waiting to be installed. Call Fluoramics at 507-205-9216 for torquing K-Factor numbers.

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