We are frequently asked if HinderRUST is a rust converter. Our answer to that is “no.”

So, what exactly is a converter?

A rust converter is a chemical solution or primer that can be applied to repair a rusted surface that works by converting rust into a protective chemical barrier. Converters need 100% rust in order to work.

Converters will not protect or prevent bare metal from rusting. Converters cannot be used on aluminum, copper, stainless steel or galvanized metal.

What is HinderRUST

HinderRUST is a “surface active” rust stopper engineered with Tufoil Technology, a proprietary PTFE technology that is solvent-free, non-flammable, and won’t evaporate away. The Tufoil in HinderRUST acts as a lubricant and wetting agent that spreads HinderRUST across the treated surface, displacing water and enabling HinderRUST to bond to the surface and protect it from corrosion. HinderRUST provides surface film management by creating a thin film of anti-corrosion properties to serve as a barrier against future salt and water.

HinderRUST is engineered to NOT dry which allows the chemistry to bond to metal at the atomic level. It takes advantage of a chemical process known as “Adsorption.” In this process, a metal bonding takes place at the molecular level, making HinderRUST extremely resistant to future rust and corrosion caused by the possibility of HinderRUST being wiped off or scratched/nicked during normal daily activities and maintenance.

HinderRUST is available in three different formulas.

R2.0 – The Temporary Rust Protector: Provides temporary surface protection for metal parts that need protection after fabrication, or during storage and transportation. It is removable by washing to allow for final finishing.

S4.0 – The Lubricating Rust Stopper: Extreme surface adhesion and wetting across the surface and mounted parts allows for self-repairing, rust protection, and lubrication. This version is the first weld-through-approved rust inhibitor.

HV100 – The Long-Term Rust Shield: This version slowly self-polymerizes over time and provides added protection in extreme weather exposure. Great for use on outdoor storage items, and as a protective coating on vehicles and trailers.

With HinderRUST, you won’t just get rust repair, you get a proven rust prevention barrier that gives new and long-lasting life to metal surfaces.