Spring has finally sprung and in most parts of the country, it is time to get yards and gardens looking their best.

Fluoramics has a few products that are the favorites of gardeners everywhere.

Rusty tools are not only unsightly, but they make easy jobs more difficult. Coat tools with HinderRUST S4.0 in the Spring before using them and in the Fall before putting them away. Watch this video to see for yourself the difference between a HinderRUST-coated and an uncoated pair of gardening shears.

Lawn mowers are indispensable, and most people take them for granted until they don’t work correctly. Keep rust at bay with HinderRUST and add Tufoil for Engines to 4-cycle engine oil reservoirs to keep lawn mowers in tip-top shape. Many mowers, especially riding mowers, develop squeaks and groans over time. The lubricating properties in HinderRUST quiet even the noisiest of mowers.

And let’s not forget about rototillers. Nothing beats using a well-maintained rototiller for turning over hard-packed soil and for mixing in your favorite blend of soil enhancers. Use Tufoil Engine Treatment to keep those 4-cycle engines running smoothly year after year and don’t forget to coat the tines, electronics, and the metal frames with HinderRUST to keep them corrosion-free and lubricated. For more information on Tufoil, click here.

And what about that yard art? Most people leave their metal yard art, including wagon wheels and trellises, outside all year long. The same holds true for burn barrels and grills. All of these will benefit from a light spray of HinderRUST to keep rust from taking over. While HinderRUST won’t remove existing rust, it will turn it into a more eye-pleasing brownish color and help keep additional rust from forming. You do want to be careful with patio furniture, however, as HinderRUST is oil-based so be selective on where you use it. Furniture legs and feet are great but avoid sitting areas. Also, HinderRUST should not be used on grill parts that touch food, but is great to use on metal frames. For more information on HinderRUST, click here.

A little timely maintenance will help preserve, lubricate and protect lawn / garden tools and equipment, and – in the process — make the task of keeping things looking nice much easier.

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