Fluoramics’ LOX-8® Paste thread sealant was recently qualified and specified for use by yet another global equipment manufacturer servicing all levels of liquid natural gas (LNG) applications.

LOX-8 Paste is engineered for use in applications with aggressive chemicals such as liquid natural gas, oxygen, and chlorine. It is also the sealant of choice forLOX-8 Paste 100 Gram Jar with Seal CMYK 5 Clipped sealing threads in extreme high/low pressure situations and temperatures as low as -400° F.  This manufacturer uses LOX-8 Paste with threaded connections in their liquid natural gas systems at approximately -260°F, 250 psi.

“The qualification process included extensive testing and has taken years to complete,” said Gregg Reick, President and Chief Engineer of Fluoramics. “LOX-8 Paste is now being used in every phase of the liquid natural gas supply chain, including on-board vehicle fueling systems.  We are proud to be selected as their sealant supplier.”