Most HinderRUST users know how potent the product is at preventing rust on metals exposed to the elements, it’s why they use it. But did you know that HinderRUST is an effective lubricant and helps prevent rust on all metals, both exposed and sheltered from the elements? Recently, we learned of a unique and new application for HinderRUST: Vintage clock repair and restoration.

Mike Martin, owner and operator of Martin & Camp Trading Company LLC in Greenville, North Carolina, repairs vintage and antique clocks for a living. He’s been using Fluoramics products for several years now and started working with us as a distributor in late 2016 selling Tufoil Lubit-8 and Gun-Coat, and HinderRUST S4.0 with Dabber Brush Applicator.

I got started with Fluoramics products because I use them and find them superior to any other lubricants I’ve tried.” -Mike Martin

Read his testimony:

“When a clock has not been disassembled for fifty or so years, things can freeze up on them. Specifically, the hands can stick to the shafts and tubes to which they’re attached. It can be from corrosion, rust, or just dried lubricants. The hands can be a variety of materials – steel, brass, perhaps painted or maybe ‘blued.’ In the diagram below, the hour tube is brass and the minute hand shaft is steel.

“My dilemma is that removing the hands is one of the first steps to the disassembly of a clock so that it can be lubricated and serviced. If I can’t get the hands off I can’t work on the clock!

“The main thing is not to damage the clock by bending or breaking the hands, or to damage the finish on the parts the solvent I use touches. I have had excellent results with HinderRUST. I just put a drop or two where the hands and the parts they’re frozen to meet. I let it soak for about eight hours, and then the hands can typically be removed with a gentle tug. Finally, I wipe the HinderRUST off the parts, and I haven’t had any etching or other damage to any type of metal, paint, or finish.”

Interested in preserving the life of your metal tools? Do you have tools or metals that need lubrication and a coat of rust inhibitor? HinderRUST does both!

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