Interfacial Corrosion Stopped in its Tracks by HinderRUST

HinderRUST, Fluoramics, Inc.’s premium rust stopping and lubricating product, provides an effective, easy, and safe solution for dealing with rust and corrosion in metal-on-metal applications. Corrosion is not only costly but it is a potentially deadly problem in a number of industries including construction and utility work.

Fluoramics recently completed a study on the effect of HinderRUST on interfacial corrosion. Fluoramics’ President/Chief Engineer Gregg Reick and Production Operations Manager Russ Marsolek put together several assemblies consisting of two metal plates drilled and bolted together with a bolt, two washers, and a nut.

On the test pieces, the insides of the plates and the bolt threads were treated with HinderRUST, but the outside of the plate was not treated. The bolts were torqued in place. The control pieces were not coated. Reick and Marsolek placed them in a salt fog chamber for 3,000 hours to test the effectiveness of the rust inhibiting and lubricating elements.

After 3,000 hours in the salt fog chamber, the HinderRUST-treated pieces easily disassembled, and the nuts unbolted at torque. The plates also easily separated, and little corrosion appeared between the plates and under the hardware on these test pieces.


On the untreated sample, rust aggressively grew and spread between the plates during the 3,000-hour timeframe. The plates stuck together and did not easily separate, and large amounts of corrosion spread under the plates. Nuts and bolts rusted together, making it difficult to disassemble them. The untreated bolts were frozen in place and almost snapped off when removed.

HinderRUST proves to be the perfect solution to the problem of rust and corrosion in metal on metal interfacial applications, especially those exposed to harsh elements. Whether it’s bolts on railroad tracks or train wheels/axels, plates, girders, and scaffolding in construction, machine maintenance in fabrication and machine shops, or a valuable restoration project in the antique world, using HinderRUST saves time and money.