Fluoramics Introduces Aerosol Spray Can Versions of All Three HinderRUST Products

Fluoramics, Inc. has two new versions of HinderRUST® in aerosol spray cans (ASC). The new packaging will allow industrial users and consumers to more quickly and uniformly apply HinderRUST to everything from wire rope and pulleys and manufactured parts, to molds, vehicle under-bodies, hand tools, and firearms.

All three versions of HinderRUST contain Tufoil® Technology, which makes them superior lubricants and rust inhibitors. Tufoil Technology is a proprietary lubricating agent that enables the rust inhibitors in HinderRUST to spread across treated surfaces as it also penetrates into and frees up frozen joints and fasteners. Each HinderRUST product is specifically formulated to prevent rust and corrosion in unique ways:

R2.0-ASCour industrial version, is a lightweight formula for temporary surface protection and is removable;

S4.0-ASC for standard rust-prevention uses;

HV100-ASCfor heavy-duty protection, slowly self-polymerizes over time and provides added protection in cases of extreme exposure to rust-producing conditions.

Each version of HinderRUST is solvent-free and safe to use in enclosed areas.

To learn more about HinderRUST products, please visit www.fluoramics.com/hinderrust.

To purchase HinderRUST products, please visit www.fluoramics.com/store/hinderrust.