Winona, Minn. – (February 18, 2021) LOX-8® Paste and Grease, by Fluoramics, Inc., are proven to prevent oxygen leaks and extend service life of respiratory therapy systems.

Medical devices operate with a degree of precision, flexibility and sophistication that would astonish the inventors of early systems. However, the need for safety and reliability has not changed. Fluoramics’ LOX-8 Paste thread sealant and LOX-8 Grease have been safely used in oxygen systems, including respiratory therapy equipment, for over 50 years.

Respiratory therapy includes treating diseases, infections, or viruses of the cardiopulmonary system, such as COVID-19, lung cancer, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and pneumonia. While treatment methods vary, respiratory therapy often uses oxygen systems such as mechanical ventilators, portable oxygen systems, and oxygen concentrators.

In addition, LOX-8 is engineered to withstand harsh chemicals such as ozone and chlorine, commonly used in sterilization / purification systems used in medical settings to eradicate bacteria, viruses and odors.

LOX-8 Paste and LOX-8 Grease:
• have been tested by BAM and WHA International and approved for use with oxygen
• can be used on metal and plastic fittings, and to prevent galling in stainless steel fittings
• are NSF-approved for use in food processing and handling facilities
• are perfect for use in situations where extended service life is desirable
• are recommended for use in chlorine systems by the Chlorine Institute

LOX-8 Paste is used as a sealant on gas blenders, regulators, and other oxygen connections.

LOX-8 Grease is available as an NLGI 1 and NLGI 4 and provides long-term lubrication on valves, seals, O-rings, pumps, and gears.

Fluoramics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of sealants, greases, lubricants and rust inhibitors, all of which are engineered PTFE solutions. Founded in 1967, the company is based in Winona, Minnesota, and proudly manufactures all of its products in the United States. To learn more about Fluoramics’ products, please visit the company’s website at