In response to customers’ needs for a chemical-resistant plumber’s putty, Fluoramics released LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty which is engineered for use with acids, plus alkaline and caustic chemicals.

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty for plumbing that use harsh chemicals.

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty for plumbing that use harsh chemicals.

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty is a non-hardening, non-flammable chemical-resistant plumber’s putty that will not disintegrate and leak like other putties. Use it with Orion, Watts and similar chemical waste floor drains, clean-outs, sinks, and sink drains in laboratories, medical facilities, and other places which use aggressive chemicals.

“Our goal is to help customers solve problems and I’m pleased to say we successfully developed LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty as a solution to failing drainage systems in situations where harsh chemicals are used,” said Gregg Reick, Fluoramics’ President and Chief Chemical Engineer.

Fluoramics tested ordinary hardware store plumber’s putty and LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty. See how the NEW Fluoramics LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty is not affected by Sulfuric Acid and the hardware store product is immediately attacked!

Installing Laboratory Sink Drain with LOX-8 Plumber's Putty

Use LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty when installing a Laboratory Sink Drain.

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty is available in both a 56 g  jar (Net Wt. 1/8 lb.) part 9722167 and a 454 g jar (Net Wt. 1 lb.) part 9722168.

LOX-8 Plumber’s Putty is easy to apply: simply warm the putty in your hands, roll it into rope-like strands and apply it to clean and dry areas on traps, sinks and drains as usual.