Tufoil Gun Grease

Tufoil Gun Grease

Tufoil Gun Grease is a Moly-PTFE-Lithium Complex NLGI 1 firearm grease for use on handguns, rifles and shotguns. Engineered to meet the demanding conditions found in hunting, law enforcement and military environments, Tufoil Gun Grease works well in extreme low and high temperatures.

Greases and oils differ in viscosity with greases being thicker in texture. This makes grease more resistant than oil to extreme conditions. It is typically recommended for use on critical contact and wear surfaces. In addition, areas where bluing has worn off by metal-to-metal friction are ideal for grease applications.

Tufoil Gun Grease is recommended for all types of firearms. It provides excellent moisture and corrosion protection and lubrication on shotguns, pistols and revolvers, as well as full auto carbines, rifles, and belt-fed machine guns. It is perfect for rifle bolts, triggers, and semi-automatic pistol rails as it doesn’t thin or melt as it heats up. Solvent-free Tufoil Gun Grease lowers barrel temperatures, provides improved cold weather performance, and reduces jams and wear.

Use Tufoil Gun Grease on:

  • rifle bolts
  • automatic slide rails
  • triggers
  • areas of metal-to-metal contact

To use, put a small amount of Tufoil Gun Grease on a  lint-free swab  and apply it areas benefitting from reduced friction, or where the firearm manufacturer recommends the use of grease.

Tufoil Gun Grease is included in Fluoramics’ Gun-Care Kit, which also contains lint-free microfiber swabs for cleaning, Tufoil Gun-Coat, combined lubricant and rust inhibitor, and HinderRUST S4.0 for overall corrosion control.

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