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LUBIT-8 is a versatile, general-purpose lubricant that prevents rust and acts as a cleaning agent. It can stop locks from freezing or penetrate deeply to free “frozen” nuts and bolts. LUBIT-8 extends the service life of precision bearings. It leaves no oily residue, is compatible with all oils and greases, and remains stable from -60° to +500°F. Its remarkable lubricity and protective qualities will last almost indefinitely. Its dependability and convenient applicator make it indispensable in your work place or plant.

LUBIT-8 is now available in two styles of oilers: the 1/2 ounce “handy” oiler with a snub nose tip and the 1/4 ounce “pen” oiler with a hypodermic-type needle nose for getting into tight areas with extreme precision.

Use LUBIT-8 on:

  • precision bearings
  • door locks and hinges
  • nuts and bolts
  • small motors
  • power tools
  • window hardware
  • sewing machines

* Although this product has an “indefinite” shelf life, we suggest you use it within 3 years.

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