Industrial Tufoil

Tufoil can be found in the Guinness Book of World Records as The World’s Most Efficient Lubricant. Tufoil can also be found in the gear boxes and engines of a major tugboat company in New York and Boston harbors. Although Tufoil has been on the market for over 25 years and is now used worldwide, the shipping industry has been aware of the dramatic effects on the Detroit Diesels for only a decade. Since that time, the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Here’s a direct quote from a marine transportation company who knows: “Tufoil has extended the engine overhaul to 20,000 hours. That’s an increase of over 50% in engine life!”

The best part of using Tufoil is that it’s so economical. On a new engine, we suggest you allow about 1,000 hours for break in. Add just 10% Tufoil to your regular oil in the gear box and engine and what a difference it will make! Here is another testimonial: “You could literally fry an egg on the gear boxes. With Tufoil, you can put your cheek against them and they’re just slightly warm to the touch. Tufoil was the answer for me!” These benefits translate in big dollar savings in all areas, not only in the cost of running the engine, but in maintenance and repair bills as well. Most importantly, Tufoil can extend the life of the engine. If you have any questions about using Tufoil in large diesel marine applications, please call Chris Reinauer or Reinauer Transportation at 718-816-8167.

Synthetic Oils & Synthetic Gear Oils & Greases: Over the years, Tufoil has always mixed with all mineral oils and synthetics oils. Recently, however, we have seen an emergence of glycol-based synthetic oils and greases. We are mostly seeing it in high-end gear box synthetic oils for high temperature applications. Tufoil is not always compatible with glycol synthetics. If in doubt, you can check compatibility by mixing 1 ounce of Tufoil and 10 ounces of your oil at room temperature and stirring. No wait time is needed. Tufoil should dissolve right into your oil with no settling or clumping. If there is no separation, Tufoil is compatible with your synthetic oil.


Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM D445)
@ 40° C (cSt) 958.2
@ 100°C (cSt) 128.9
Viscosity Index 122
Specifi Gravity, 60°F
API Gravity @60°F 26.6
Specific Gravity 0.8950
Pounds/Gallon 7.453
Flash Point (ASTM D92) 435 °F
Color (ASTM D1500) 8.0
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