High Temperature Spindle Grease

High Temp Spindle Grease

High Temperature Spindle Grease is an odorless lubricant based on colloids of PTFE and soluble Molybdenum.

With no melting point and unlimited shelf life, High Temperature Spindle Grease is stable in excessive heat and will not melt or run even in direct flame.

Use High Temperature Spindle Grease on:

  • appliance motors
  • dental drills
  • brake calipers
  • all high speed rotating machinery

High Temperature Spindle Grease is packaged in 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound and one pound containers.


Cone Penetration (ASTM D17) @ 77°F
Unworked 319
Worked 60 strokes 347
Worked 5,000 strokes 345
Worked 10,000 strokes 345
Worked 100,000 strokes 350
Cone Penetration (ASTM D1430) @ 77°F
Unworked 320
Worked 60 strokes 347
Oil Separation (ASTM D1742)
24 hours @ 25°C and .25psi, % 0.53
Shear Stability
(Extended work penetration) @ 77°F
10,000 strokes 285
100,000 strokes 313
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D942)
Pressure drop, PSI
100 hours 32
400 hours 76
4-Ball Wear Test (ASTM D2266)
40kg, 1200rpm, 167°F
1 hour – average wear scar
Diameter, mm 0.46
Average Coefficient of Friction 0.455
4-Ball Extreme Pressure (D2596)
AISI E-52100 ball
1770rpm, 10 seconds, ambient temperature
Load wear index 43.43
Weld point, kg 400
Texture: Smooth mixture, free of foreign matter
Appearance: Opaque light bluish green in color
Dropping Point ASTM D566, °F 500+
Water washout @ 100°F – % washout 1.5


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