Lightning Grease

Lightning Grease

Lightning Grease works where all others fail. Field tests show that Lightning Grease extends the life of crucial machine parts.

Lightning Grease significantly lowers operating temperatures, thereby extending machinery and bearing life. This easily sheared grease is great for applications where low break-out torque, low temperature, stick slip and wear are required.

Use Lightning Grease on:

  • fine bearings
  • gears
  • firearms
  • steppers
  • servo bearings
  • robots

Lightning Grease is also great for old machines. Put a drop on the surface, work the mechanism, and wipe off the excess with a clean tissue. Repeat until the tissue is no longer discolored by dirt and metal debris left by the old lubricant. With just a dab on all the surfaces and old sticky gear boxes, bearings and mechanisms are brought back to life.

Lightning Grease is also excellent for rifle bolts and automatic slide rails as it does not soften and run when the gun gets hot.


Worked Penetration
@ 77°F, 60 strokes 351
Dropping Point, °F 480
Oil Separation (ASTM D1742)
24 hours @ 25°C and .25psi, % 1.71
Shear Stability
(Extended work penetration) @ 77°F
10,000 strokes 342
100,000 strokes 342
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D942)
Pressure drop, PSI
100 hours 8
400 hours 20
4-Ball Wear Test (ASTM D2266)
40kg, 1200rpm, 167°F
1 hour (average wear scar)
Diameter, mm 0.37

Smooth mixture, free of lumps and foreign matter. NLGI Grade 1.

Appearance: Opaque bluish green in color.

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