From cars and military vehicles to trains and rocket systems, Fluoramics’ products keep transportation systems operating at peak efficiency.

HinderRUST lubricates the door hinges on New York transit systems trains, and is ideal for preventing corrosion on your car’s battery cables, door hinges, and locks.

Tufoil for Engines is the original PTFE engine oil additive, and it will keep your engines running cooler, quieter, and more efficiently all year long.

Lox-8 Paste is used to seal the fuel lines on Blackhawk helicopters and Space X rocket systems, and it is the ideal sealant for Diesal Exhaust Fluid storage and dispensing systems for vehicle fleets.

Common Uses: Engines

Common Uses: Temporary Protection of Steel Plates


Common Uses: Stops Rust, Protects Battery Terminals, Use in Enclosed Spaces (Subways, Mines)

Common Uses: Shields against rust

Common Uses: Door Locks, Hinges, Clasps

Common Uses: Brake Calipers