Tufoil Engine Treatment
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Tufoil Engine Treatment

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Add Tufoil Engine Treatment to your engine’s standard or synthetic motor oil in all 4, 6, or 8-cylinder cars, trucks, and vehicles or any 4-cycle/4-stroke small engine. Tufoil Engine Treatment will keep your motor vehicle, lawn mower or boat running so efficiently you can extend the life of your engine. Efficiently running engines use less gas, need fewer repairs, run smoother, quieter, and last a very long time.

Available in a variety of packages. Please select "Size" pulldown below, and the price will adjust.

  • 236 mL Bottle (8 fl oz)
  • 473 mL Bottle (16 fl oz)
  • 946 mL Jug (32 fl oz / 1 qt)
  • 3.78 L Jug (128 fl oz / 1 gal)
  • 18.9 L Carboy (640 fl oz / 5 gal)
  • 208 L Drum (55 gal)*: Contact Us for details

*Premium 55 Gallon Drum Mixer 

Fluoramics' Discount Bundles

The Tufoil Engine Treatment 473 mL Bottle (16 fl oz), and 946 mL Jug (32 fl oz / 1 qt) are now available in easy-view bottles that feature a translucent stripe from top to bottom and a gauge with markings in mL and oz of content level. Customers can quickly see how much Tufoil Engine Treatment is in the bottle and measure the amount used.


  • $18.68

Tufoil has a pure synthetic base of the highest quality possible. The magic in Tufoil is the incredibly tiny size of the PTFE particles suspended in your oil. 

The results are impressive:

• Faster cranking speed under all weather conditions.

• Increased horsepower and acceleration

• Extended engine life.

The Guinness World Book of Records has deemed Tufoil to be the world’s most efficient lubricant.


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    15 Gallon
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    236 mL Bottle (8 fl oz), 946 mL Jug (32 fl oz / 1 qt), 3.78 L Jug (128 fl oz / 1 gal), 473 mL Bottle (16 fl oz), 18.9 L Carboy (640 fl oz / 5 gal)
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