Lightning Grease


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  • Lightning Grease significantly lowers operating temperatures, thereby extending machinery and bearing life. This easily sheared grease is great for applications where low break-out torque, low temperature, stick slip and wear are required. Lightning Grease is also a great lubricant for slides on firearms.

    Lightning Grease is a jelled version of Tufoil that works where all others fail. Field tests show that Lightning Grease extends the life of crucial machine parts.

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    • 15 g Jar (0.52 oz)
    • 113 g Jar (4 oz)
    • 226 g Jar (8 oz)
    • 453 g Jar (16 oz / 1 lb)
    • 379 g Grease Cartridge (13.39 oz)
    • $7.58
    • $45.18

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