Electrical Corrosion Protection
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Electrical Corrosion Protection

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HinderRUST Electrical Corrosion Protection is a synthetic corrosion-stopping oil engineered by Fluoramics to protect exterior wiring, motors, housings, hardware, air conditioning units, electrical terminals and hardware. It is safe to use on electronics and it lubricates while protecting against corrosion. Electrical Corrosion Protection has a high dielectric constant and also stops corrosion on battery terminals and grounding wires. 

It provides easy application to junction boxes and motor windings. Designed to penetrate, it spreads and soaks into hard-to-reach areas. Its penetrating protection fights oxidization on copper, aluminum, brass, and steel, and will not attack plastics.

Solvent free, which means it is safe for users, non-flammable, will not evaporate, and may be used in enclosed spaces. Use Electrical Corrosion Protection to free up seized fan motors, and on new electrical connections to keep them like-new and use on old connections to restore them to like-new. 

Available in a variety of packages. Please select "Size" pulldown below, and the price will adjust.

  • Filled 236 mL Refillable Brush-It Bottle (8 fl oz) 
  • 946 mL Jug (32 fl oz / 1 qt) 
  • 3.78 L Jug (128 fl oz / 1 gal)  
  • 333 g Aerosol Spray Can (Net Wt 11.7 oz)**                                 

** Please select FedEx or UPS Ground as your shipping option if ordering aerosol cans. Aerosol cans cannot be shipped via USPS due to shipping restrictions on aerosol products. 

The refillable Brush-It Jar with brush applicator attached to the cap. It is easy to quickly apply product, then store without washing the brush between uses. 

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Typical Applications:

  • Battery Terminals
  • Grounding Wires
  • Windings
  • Motors
  • Wiring
  • Generators
  • Wiring Harness Connections
  • Electric Panels
  • Controls
  • Switches
  • Mounting Bolts
  • Pass-through Flange Bolts
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    Filled 236 mL Refillable Brush-It Bottle (8 fl oz), 946 mL Jug (32 fl oz / 1 qt), 3.78 L Jug (128 fl oz / 1 gal), 333 g Aerosol Spray Can (Net Wt 11.7 oz)
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