Chain, Wire & Cable
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Chain, Wire & Cable

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Chain, Wire & Cable

Chain, Wire & Cable Synthetic Lubricant is ideal for steel cables, wire ropes, braided wire, steel chains, drive and roller chains, marine applications, motorcycle control cables, and garage door cables. Chain, Wire & Cable lubricant penetrates deep into the core of braided wire, wire rope and cables to stop rust and corrosion. It will protect new cables, or apply on weathered cables to deter further damage. 

To use, remove any course, loose rust scale or paint blisters and coat the surface with a thin even layer. Apply to wet or dry metals by brush, roller, or airless sprayer. Reapply as part of a normal maintenance item. It is compatible with plastics and rubbers. 

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  • 946 mL (32 fl oz) Jug
  • 3.78 L (128 fl oz) Jug
  • **Net Wt 333 g Aerosol Spray Can (11.7 oz) 

**  Aerosol cans cannot be shipped via USPS due to shipping restrictions on aerosol products. Please select FedEx or UPS Ground as your shipping option if ordering aerosol cans.

  • $14.51
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Do you have a sticking cable on your bike, motorcycle, lawn mower, or other cable? We’ll show you how to use a cable luber tool with Chain, Wire & Cable lubricant to get them moving smoothly again and help prevent rust. HinderRUST Chain, Wire & Cable lubricant penetrates deep into cables to stop rust and corrosion and maintain ease of movement. The aerosol spray can is compatible with all types of Cable Luber tools (not included) to inject lubricant into cable housing on clutch, throttle, brake and other control cables. It will protect new cables, or apply on weathered cables to deter further damage and maintain smooth movement without sticking.  
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Chain, Wire & Cable Lubricant is a long-lasting synthetic lubricant that gets deep into that cracks, crevasses and braided wire cores to stop rust and corrosion. It provides surface protection for metal parts that need protection before and after exposure to the elements, and prevents damage to metals by reducing wear and friction between contacting parts.

Chain Wire & Cable penetrates wire rope and the pins / bushings within chains. Use on pulleys, gears, forklifts, dock or garage door cables, conveyor belts, elevator cables, hoists, chain saws, forklifts, and link / roller assemblies.

Chain, Wire, & Cable goes on as a mobile liquid that creeps and wets to surfaces and into seams. It starts protecting and lubricating surfaces upon application, and keeps chains and cables supple.

Solvent free, Chain, Wire & Cable is non-toxic and non-flammable.

Made in the USA.

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    946 mL (32 fl oz) Jug, 3.78 L (128 fl oz) Jug, Net Wt 333 g Aerosol Spray Can (11.7 oz)
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