Gun-Care Kit
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Gun-Care Kit

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Gun-Care Kit

This is the perfect bundle for any gun enthusiast looking to take care of his or her firearms, both new and old/antique, and ensure they operate smoothly and safely for a long time.  

This bundle contains:

  • 4 fl. oz. dauber can of HinderRUST S4.0 for corrosion protection
  • Two 12 ml Tufoil Gun-Coat Pocket Oilers
  • 15 g. jar Tufoil Gun Grease for lubricating areas of heavy action such as the insides of receivers where the slides travel
  • 25-pack of 3.93” x .307” microfiber swabs
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This product bundle is formulated from both Tufoil Technology Lubricants and HinderRUST

Tufoil Technology Lubricants incorporate unique surface chemistries, rust inhibitors and moly/PTFE lubricant engineering. 

HinderRUST is a solvent-free and non-hazardous rust stopper and lubricant engineered for surface film management.

Gun-Coat is an excellent CLP product as it cleans, lubricates and protects, all without the nasty solvents many gun products use. In addition, the rust inhibitors found in Gun-Coat make it an excellent candidate for dip coating metal parts that are already rusted. 

How to Use Products in the Gun-Care Kit:

  • Apply Gun-Coat to cleaning cloths or cotton swabs to remove gunpowder residue, plus clean and lubricate chokes, barrels, trigger assemblies, springs, and magazines, end plates and tubes.
  • Apply a very thin coat of Tufoil Gun Grease to the inside of receiver where the slides travel. Tufoil Gun Grease is excellent for rifle bolts and automatic slide rails as it does not soften and run when the gun gets hot. 
  • Apply HinderRUST S4.0 to a cleaning cloth and lightly wipe down firearm to prevent corrosion.
  • Protect firearms from corrosion.

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