Greases and Lubricants

The Fluoramics line of PTFE greases and industrial lubricants is engineered to be waterproof and oxygen-safe. Chem-8 products are designed for high pressure thread sealant applications, and where an aluminum to aluminum sealant is required.

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    Our new premium, full-density product requires just two wraps to tightly seal just about any joint. Plus, if your application specs call for PTFE tape and thread sealant, we've got you covered. Simply apply LOX-8 Paste over Fluoramics PTFE tape and you'll have an unbeatable combination that can handle even your toughest thread-sealing challenges! This product is oxygen safe and can be used on just about everything.

    **Two sizes available:
    1/2" x 260"
    3/4" x 520"

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    Chem-8 is a great lubricant where sophisticated chemicals are packaged, or where corrosion or rusting is a problem. It is especially suitable for mechanical instruments such as hinges where repeated autoclaving is required.


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    LOX-8 Grease is a PTFE grease that is highly recommended where oxygen or harsh chemicals such as chlorine or powerful oxidizers are present. It is the product of choice in applications where critical safety and resistance to aggressive chemicals are primary requirements. Providing superior performance as a lubricant, LOX-8 withstands both high extreme temperatures and high pressure. 

    Specifically formulated for wet conditions, but can also be used in dry conditions. It is a high density lubricant expressly designed for severe high-pressure applications.

    • Odorless, noncorrosive, waterproof, non-migrating, and nonflammable
    • NSF approved for use in food processing facilities
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