Preserving Firearms in a Museum Collection

Chuck Schmidt served in the U.S. Navy for more than 30 years, and recently retired from his second career as a carpenter. Schmidt is an avid collector of firearms and other military collectibles such as knives and swords.

“I was over at the Historical Society one day and noticed an 1863 military rifle on display,” says Schmidt. “I saw that it had a little rust on it, so I mentioned to the people that they should take steps to protect these firearms, otherwise the rust will continue to spread. I indicated that I could simply apply Gun-Coat to the firearms to halt any corrosion on their surfaces. They acknowledged that they did not have the expertise to handle this project, so I volunteered my services. After checking me out, and validating that Gun-Coat was appropriate for this use, they gave me the go ahead to begin my preservation work on their collection.”

Read about Schmidt’s success using Fluoramics’ Gun-Coat on weaponry at the Carver County Historical Society here.