fluoramics marine industry


(near water, no water contact)

Marine environments are harsh and unforgiving, and you don’t always get a second chance to protect your boat or your equipment. Fluoramics’ products are engineered to safeguard your marine investments, reduce maintenance, extend the time between overhauls, and save money.

HinderRUST is widely used in the marine industry to prevent corrosion of vent stacks, hoists, steel cables, and voids within the hull. At shipyards, HinderRUST protects hand tools, forklifts, and inventories of steel plates and tubing.

Tufoil engine additive plays a major role in protecting marine gearboxes, pumps, barge-tugboat coupler systems, and diesel trucks used in shipyards. Tufoil for Engines maintains superior lubrication within these systems, enabling them to operate at cooler temperatures and with much less wear and tear.

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Common uses: Temporary Steel Plate Protection


Common uses: Wire Rope, Wire Cables, Tools,Spare Parts Storage, Machine Protection, Chain Drives, Pull Cables

Common uses: Wire Rope, Wire Cables, Tools, Spare Parts Storage, Machine Protection, Chain Drives, Pull Cables

Common uses: 4-Cycle Engines, Gear Boxes

Common uses: Lubricant Hinges, Rusty Nuts and Bolts, Locks

Common uses: Gear Boxes, Transmissions, Add to Hydraulic Systems

Common uses: Plumbing Pipe Fittings, Fuel Systems