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You Only Need ONE THREAD SEALANT to Prevent Chlorine,
Ammonia, and Fluoride Leaks in Your Water Treatment Facility

If you manage a municipal water treatment facility, preventing leaks of chlorine, ammonia and fluoride is always a primary objective. You train your staff, conduct regular inspections of your chemical storage and handling systems, and adhere to all state and federal guidelines. But leaks can sneak in and even small leaks can be a BIG problem.

LOX-8 Paste is engineered and formulated to prevent leaks in chlorine, ammonia and fluoride systems:

  • LOX-8 PASTE is an inert, non-corrosive and non-toxic PTFE thread sealant and lubricant.
  • It is specially formulated for use in high-temperature and cryogenic environments and is immune to the effects of dozens of harsh acids and bases that destroy other sealants.
  • It can be used on metal and plastic fittings, and it prevents galling in stainless steel fittings.
  • LOX-8 has received registration from NSF International, and is approved for use in food processing and handling facilities.
  • It has been tested and certified by BAM, and found acceptable for use in chlorine systems by the Chlorine Institute.

Keep your water treatment facility safe and free of leaks – place your order for versatile LOX-8 Paste today. The LOX-8 NSN number is 8030-00-829-3982.

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