The world is buzzing with space-related news such as Richard Branson’s recent flight to space and the upcoming flight by Jeff Bezos.

Most people don’t realize Fluoramics products play a crucial role in the manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace systems at companies such as Black Hawk (helicopters), Blue Origin, SpaceX, and NASA. Engineers request LOX-8 Paste thread sealant for fuel and gas systems and HinderRUST lubricating rust stopper to control corrosion.

LOX-8 is specifically engineered to withstand extreme conditions. That means is it ideal to use for:

  • Desired extended service life in items like fuel systems
  • Rocket fuels such as kerosene
  • Situations where anti-galling is beneficial
  • Gaseous or liquid oxygen systems (ASTM G72-82 and ASTM G86 tested)
  • Industrial gases

LOX-8 chemistry is perfect for aerospace as it is engineered for harsh chemical applications using extreme acids or powerful oxidizers. It also prevents stainless steel galling and is a sealant that can withstand high pressure, and both extreme high and cryogenic deep freeze temperatures.