Fluoramics for Industrial

Industrial / Welding / Maintenance

If you want to keep your factory or distribution facility running at peak efficiency, you put your trust in Fluoramics’ lubricants and thread sealants. Fluoramics’ proven PTFE technologies will protect your investment, reduce maintenance, extend equipment life, and save you money. All products are solvent-free and non-hazardous, and available through Will Call at all U.S. Fastenal stores.

Lox-8 Paste should be used to seal liquid or gaseous oxygen systems, as well as any cryogenic gasesLox-8 also withstands dozens of harsh chemicals, including ammonia, chlorine, and nitrous oxide, and it prevents galling on stainless steel fittings.

Give Industrial Tufoil a try and it will be an indispensable part of your facility’s MRO programs. A proprietary colloidal PTFE chemistry reduces wear, noise, and friction in industrial machinery and gearboxes.

Tufoil Lightning Grease and High Temperature Spindle Grease are gelled versions of Tufoil that extend the operating lifetimes of industrial machinery, gearboxes, and bearings.

Customer Profile: Using Formula-8 and LOX-8 Paste to Seal High Pressure Cylinders and Cryogenic Systems

Common Uses: Easy-to-carry Lubricator for all Pivot Points

Common Uses: Gear Boxes, Engines

Common Uses: Trucks, Forklifts

Common Uses: Air Tools, Compressor Lines, Airline Maintenance

Common Uses: Universal Thread Sealant, Accelerants-Oxygen, Fuels, Water, Air Compressor

Lightning Grease

Common Uses: Reciprocating High-Speed Machines, Gears, Pivot Points, Robotic Slides, Hinge Points

Common Uses: Industrial Plumbing Valves, Universal Applications

High Temp Spindle Grease

Common Uses: High-Temperature Hinge Points, Furnaces, Robotic Welders

Common Uses: Pipe Sealant, Temporary Fix to Hydraulic Ram Seals (Forklift Seals)

Common Uses: Flood-prone areas, Tempory Steel Plate Rust Protection, Long-term Storage of Dies and Molds. Is removable by washing.


Common Uses: Flood-prone areas, Motor Windings, Terminals, Switches, Relays, Long-term Storage of Dies and Molds, Machine Storage, Tools, Tool Boxes, cable Winches, Lifting Cables

Common Uses: Flood-prone areas, Cable Winches, Lifting Cables, Machinery. Long-Term Outside Storage. Provides added protection in extreme conditions.